Payvand.com was established in Silicon Valley (San Francisco Bay Area) in late 1995 as one of the first web sites dedicated to Iranian issues. Payvand in Persian means joining together. Our mission is to create a site that brings the Iranians and those interested in Iran together.

Unfortunately the mainstream media has been portraying a very negative perspective of Iran over the last few decades. But fortunately the internet has changed the rules of the game. Many independent web sites and blogs have been setup in the in the past decade that offer their own views of Iran not distorted with corporate agendas. Thousands of reporters, bloggers, intellectuals, travelers, analysts, etc. have been sharing their stories on a daily basis. Payvand.com is just one of those outlets that brings these stories to you.

As an Iranian-American web site, we are especially focused on issues of importance to the Iranian communities abroad. We believe that these communities, including the Iranian-American community, can and should play a bigger role in the social and political arena. And we hope that our active coverage of the community achievements will strengthen us as a group and encourage activism.

As Iranian natives, our goal is to open a window into our homeland through which we can promote understanding, dialogue and peace with our adopted homes.

PO Box 391403
Mountain View, California



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