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Ancient Iran (Culture of Iran Youth Series, 1)
by Massoume Price (2008)
Pea Boy and Other Stories from Iran
by Elizabeth Laird and Shirin Adl (2010)

Prince of Persia
by Jordan Mechner, et al. (2008)

Happy Nowruz: Cooking with Children to Celebrate the Persian New Year
by Najmieh Batmanglij (2008)

No Rouz: Our Persian New Year
by E.S. Zameen (2008)

Rostam, Tales from the Shahnameh
by Karl Altstaetter, Bruce Bahmani (2005)

by Donna Jo Napoli (2005)

Sophie's Sojourn in Persia
by Diane Marquart Moore (2004)

Iran (Enchantment of the World, Second Series)
by Miriam Greenblatt (2003)

One Riddle, One Answer
by Lauren Thompson, Linda S. Wingerter (2001)

Into the Big, Big World
by Azar Aryanpour (2005)

Simurgh: A Journey In Search Of The Truth
by Azar Aryanpour (2004)

Iran (Dropping in On)
by Philip Bader (2000)

The King and Three Thieves: A Persian Tale
by Kristen Balouch, C. Hennessy (2000)

The Seven Wise Princesses: A Medieval Persian Epic
by Wafa Tarnowska, Nilesh Mistry, Nizami Ganjavi (2000)

The Girl Who Lost Her Smile
by Karim Alrawi, Stefan Czemecki (Illustrator) (2000)

Iran : Land of the Peacock Throne (Exploring Cultures of the World)
by William Spencer (1997)

by Robin Santos Doak (2004)

by Grolier (2004)
Forty Fortunes: A Tale of Iran
by Aaron Shepard, Alisher Dianov (1999)

The Persian Cinderella
by Shirley Climo, Robert Florczak (Illustrator) (1999)

Persian Tales : Fifty-Eight Traditional & Folk Tales from Iran
by D. L. R. Lorimer (Editor) (1999)
The Ant and the Honey
by Kambiz Azordegan (Editor), Johnny Sajem (Illustrator) Ages 4-8 (1998)

Amoo Norooz and Other Persian Folk Stories
by Ahmad Jabbari (Editor) (1998)

The Stone : A Legend of Ancient Persia
by Dianne Hofmeyr, Jude Daly (Illustrator) Ages 4-8 (1998)

Precarious Pond
by Kambiz Azordegan, Johnny Sajem (Illustrator) Ages 4-8 (1998)

Iran (Major World Nations)
by Garry Lyle (1997)

Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Globe : Geotales from Around the World
by Fereydoun Kian (1995)

Kiss the Dust
by Elizabeth Laird (1994)

The Legend of the Persian Carpet
by Tomie De Paola, Claire Ewart (Illustrator) Ages 4-8 (1993)

Tales of Ancient Persia
by Barbara Leonie Picard, Victor G. Ambrus (Illustrator) Ages 9-12 (1993)
Beginning Politics in the Reproductive Cycle of Children's Tales and Games in Iran
by Cosroe Chaqueri (1993)
The Little Black Fish
by Samad Bihrangi, Hushang Amuzgar, Allison Remick (Illustrator) (1988)

When the Elephants Came
by Nima Yushij, Mariam Evans, Franta (Illustrator) (1988)
The Wonderful Story of Zaal : A Persian Legend
by M. Batmanglij (1988)
Tales from Luristan
by Sekandar Amanolahi, Wheeler M. Thackston (1987)

Uncle New Year : An Original Persian Folk Story
by Faridah Farjam (1972)
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