Womanhood-Motherhood (by Roya Monajem)

Author's Biography

Roya Monajem

Born in 1955 in Tehran, Iran.

Academic Studies: Primary Education in Tehran; first part of secondary education in Tehran & the second part in England (have 4 A’ Levels). 5 years of medical education in Shiraz University (1972-75) & a year in New York Podiatry School (1985-86). Changed my major as a protest to the current disease-oriented medical training system. (Both in Iran & New York, I was an honor student.)

Profession: Self-taught acupuncturist with research orientation (three of my researches were published in American Journal of acupuncture, Vol. 15, No. 4, 1987; Vol. 17, No. 3, !989; Vol. 19, No. 4, 1991); with 10 years of clinical experience on incurable diseases; for a year tried to establish the first National Society of Multiple Sclerosis, but unfortunately the government refused to recognize the society; I am the programmer & main lecturer of the National Acupuncture Society & have been publishing articles on the theory of Chinese Medicine in different national journals. I also cooperate with the National Society of Invalids as a researcher & lecturer. My more than a decade work & research on the disease Multiple Sclerosis has led to the development of a therapeutic method for this disease with promising clinical results.

I now need an advanced research center & a group of other professional for further development of the device I have developed for the treatment. (The article on the background, procedure & the preliminary results of this work is ready in case needed).

In my search of developing a practical Holistic Approach to be used in diagnosis & treatment I am writing a book on "Mental Causes of Diseases" designed in such a way as to be used as a textbook for medical students & nurses & can be taught as a course in universities. It is based on my own observations using the theory & philosophy of Chinese's Medicine as the medical explanation for the Body-Mind correlation.

At the same time I have been translating & publishing books in the fields of medicine & psychology, ancient religions, mythology & philosophy (mainly Nietzsche & Kierkegaard) & a few novels (up to now about 20 of my translations have been published), one of my books Housework & Secondary Status of women was published several times during the first years of Islamic Revolution & I have heard that it has also been published in Europe by the Iranians there. I hold a monthly workshop on Womanhood-Motherhood & have written a book on the subject in English (for which I am looking for a publisher).

A few years ago (1992) I cooperated in a T.V. serial production, Man in Search of Equilibrium, as the researcher & associate director. A short version of it won a prize at a national educational film festival, although its broadcast from the T.V. was banned.

Recently I was the academic organizer & teacher of the first training acupuncture program for medical doctors held in affiliation with Emperor College of Oriental Medicine.

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