Womanhood-Motherhood (by Roya Monajem)



Some years ago, while discussing Women’s Liberation Movement with my sister, she made a comment that really confounded me. She said, “let’s face it, what we women have been doing since this so-called ‘emancipation’ event, has just been imitating men.”

How bitter those words must have sounded to an active feminist, who could not think even for a second that “women’s problem” might have another side other than being the fruit of the patriarchal, chauvinistic, exploitative capitalist system. But after many years of further reflection on the subject, I realized that in fact we had no other alternative than “imitating men”. We had entered a ‘man-made world,’ with its long established social-economic relationships, organized without our direct participation. In reality we had no other choice, other than to follow the existing rules & regulations, founded long before us becoming an integrative part of it all. In other words, we had no other choice than ‘imitating men.’

Fortunately this was not without important gains & achievements. As the result of it, we proved to ourselves  & to the world that we are not “less” than men. We displayed our equal competency in all aspects of human activities.  We refuted the long held Aristotelian belief that “women are of the same rank as insane & children”. In short, we proved our equal humanity.

Unfortunately, no gain is without loss. And what we lost in this process, was the meaning & the values of womanhood-motherhood.  And this is what this book would try to rediscover.

Born in an Eastern Country (Iran), educated partly in the West and partly in Westernized institutes & universities at home, have offered me a relatively wider horizon to view the subject cross-culturally.  My other advantage has been years of clinical experience with patients suffering from the so-called “incurable diseases”, which has helped me to find a deeper insight into the human soul.  A self-taught acupuncturist with six years of academic medical education, have spent my life searching for a “theory for health and ailment “, and have been assiduously studying, translating & publishing books & articles in the fields of medicine, psychology, philosophy & mythology for the past fifteen years.  In addition, my own two children have been vital impetus for me to look for my forgotten “woman-mother nature”.

My main purpose for writing this book, is to share my findings with women like myself, who can no longer adapt themselves to the “traditional role” of women, while at the same time do not find Feminism as the only solution. I sincerely hope that it would serve as a guideline for particularly young women to discover the virtues & potentialities of womanhood-motherhood, and through the actualization of these potentialities, live a more unified and satisfactory life. Using Freudian terminology, I hope we would all overcome our “castration complex”, which in fact is nothing other than a figment of a man’s imagination in a world where women consciously or unconsciously, voluntarily or involuntarily, knowingly or ignorantly had started to devalue, their femininity. In a world that by censorship of the feminine world has in reality become a half-world that has taken masculine evaluations, conceptions & definitions as the Human evaluations…

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