S. Rob Sobhani for U.S. Senate

We asked Rob Sobhani (candidate for U.S. Senate from Maryland) to tell the Iranian-Americans about some of the issues that he will address if he is elected:

Issues of Interest to Americans of Iranian descent

  1. Taxation without representation.
  2. Ending the demonizing and stereotyping of Iran and Iranians.
  3. Streamlining non-immigrant visa requirements for Iranians applying to visit relatives and loved-ones in the United States.
  4. Giving Iranians the choice of applying at any American embassy and consulate abroad for a non-immigrant visa.
  5. Ending the harassment of Iranians entering and leaving the United States for the simple reason of being an Iranian.
  6. Abolishing the current IRS codes and replacing it with a flat tax of 17% on personal income would help many Americans of Iranian descent who are self-employed or owners of a small business.

If all Americans of Iranian descent united . . .

Rob Sobhani added to the above that:

Also, if elected, I will establish satellite offices in California under the umbrella of "Khan-e-Iran" to assist American-Iranians with their problems.

Fundraising Reception in San Francisco - Friday October 22