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Naderpour Foundation established in Los Angeles

The Naderpour Foundation

The Naderpour Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, was established with the support of volunteers, colleagues, and literary enthusiasts in memory of the late Nader Naderpour (1929?2000), a great Persian poet and thinker.

A nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature, Nader Naderpour died in exile on February 18, 2000, in Los Angeles. A prolific writer, Naderpour left behind a vast amount of poems, writings, and lectures (recorded audio and videos, as well as notes)?an invaluable asset not only for Iranians all over the world but also for everyone interested in Iran's poetry, literature, culture, and history.

Naderpour is well known for his extensive research on Iran's contemporary poetry, and also his thorough, insightful analyses of Iranian poets (Hafez, Ferdosi, Khayyam, Molavi, and many others). In addition, he is recognized for his perceptive commentaries on Iran's recent history and his astute observations on Iranians' cultural and political challenges.

The aim of the Naderpour Foundation is to promote cross-cultural studies and comparative approaches to East-West literary tradition by focusing on Naderpour's legacy. The Foundation hopes to achieve a greater appreciation of the U.S. Iranian community's rich contribution to American literary culture, as well as a better understanding of our diverse society.

Nader Naderpour conducted many lecture series and survey courses at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) on Iran's contemporary poetry, Iran's recent history, and East-West comparative literature. For over fourteen years, his classes and lectures were attended by a diverse group of professionals.

With the help and support of Naderpour's loyal supporters and his academic colleagues, The Naderpour Foundation has the following specific objectives:

Preserve Naderpour's works for Iran and for Iranians worldwide, as well as for all students of literature. Publish a complete collection of Naderpour's prose and poetry in his original language. Publish an English translation of selected poems and prose works by Naderpour. Develop a web site in Persian and English devoted to Naderpour's life and his works. Produce and distribute audiotapes and videotapes of the poet's recorded lectures. Conduct periodic symposia on comparative literature, focusing especially on Naderpour's works. Award grants to students interested in East-West comparative literature.

The Naderpour Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, welcomes donations from academic colleagues and literary enthusiasts worldwide. Please address checks to:

The Naderpour Foundation
P.O. Box 48558
Los Angeles, CA 90048

On each check, please be sure to include the following Tax ID Number:

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