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Three palyers in Priouzi-Esteqlal football match apprehended

Tehran, Dec 30, IRNA -- Head of the Control Center for the Greater Tehran Law Enforcement Forces (LEF) Brigadier General Mohammad Royanian said here Saturday that three players in the Firday's Pirouzi-Esteqlal football match have been apprehended and charged with disturbing public order at the Azadi Stadium.

He added that the LEF will seriously pursue the case in the Judiciary.

Royanian said that despite the incitement on the part of some players and others, the LEF personnel in cooperation with some spectators managed to control the disturbances.

He said it is the LEF's duty to prevent disturbances with the help of the public.

The Pirouzi-Esteqlal match, as part of Iran's football league, turned violent towards the end of the match which ended in a 2-2- draw.

Tehran's police chief rejects arrests after post-match riots

Tehran, Dec 30, IRNA -- Tehran's Police Chief Mohsen Ansari refuted reports that six players from Iran's two top football teams were arrested after a battle on the pitch sparked rioting by fans.

He told IRNA that several faulty players were merely interrogated.

General Ansari also rejected reports broadcast on TV that the football fans were involved in the riots.

He, however, told the government-run daily `Iran' on Friday that over 60 faulty spectators had been arrested.

He singled out Esteqlal's goalie Parviz Boroumand, Pirouzi's midfielder Hamid Estili and Esteqlal's defender Mohammad Navazi as the three major agitators who, he said, are to be prosecuted. Ansari rejected arrest of any players.

The Agence France Presse (AFP), citing an anonymous official with the Iranian Football Federation said that Parviz Boroumand, Farhad Majidi and Mohammad Navazi of Esteqlal, and Nasser Ebrahimi, Hamid Estili and Ali Ansarian of Pirouzi have been arrested

He said they had been detained in the wake of the brawl at the needle match Friday evening in Tehran's Azadi stadium.

The violence flared towards the end of the match at the Azadi stadium in Tehran in which Pirouzi and Esteqlal were drawing 2-2.

The surface of a highway passing by the stadium was littered with shattered car glasses some time after the end of the match.

Meanwhile, an official said that over 250 buses were smashed after the mass brawl. He said that the damaged buses will be put on public show on Saturday.

There has been intense rivalry between the two teams, who both have internationals in the ranks, for the past 30 years and matches between the two often involve violence.

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