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Mottos, the society's pulse, and a question
By Ali Asghar Kimiai

Commentary to Fath daily
Monday February 14, 2000

Now at the threshold of the elections of the 6th Majlis, we will review the promotional mottos of some major groups to see what they have stressed upon.

  1. The Moderation and Development Party, is promoting political moderation, sustainable development and social justice, national strength and coexistence.
  2. The Islamic Participation Part: morality, justice and freedom.
  3. Kargozaran-e Sazandegi (Executives of Construction): security, welfare and freedom.
  4. Islamic Solidarity Party: reforms, freedom, and social welfare.
  5. The Coalition of the Line of Imam and Supreme Leader: underrating, solving people's problems.
  6. The Islamic League of Women: reviving women's rights, freedom of thought and social justice.
  7. The Society of the Sacrificial Ones of the Islamic Republic: security, justice, economic flourishing.
  8. The Islamic Civilization Party: all-out development, defending the values, dynamic management and national livelihood.
  9. Chekad-e Azadandishan (Summit of freethinkers): freedom, justice, security, and development.

A review of the above mottos yields the following results:

A. Two decades after the Revolution, promotional mottos have undergone fundamental and drastic changes. In the early years after the revolution, the mottos were about ideology, Islam, defending the deprived, opposing the arrogant ones, and exporting the revolution, etc. But the present mottos are freedom, justice, development, welfare, understanding and solving people's problems.

B. The above groups and factions can be divided into three major trends:

  1. Rightist and conservative
  2. Leftist and reformist
  3. Moderate and intermediate
At present, the flag-carriers of these three political and intellectual trends before the 6th Majlis elections are, the Coalition of the Line of Imam and Supreme Leader, the Participation Party and the Kargozaran respectively. Other groups are affiliated branches of these three main groups, the mottos of whish are respectively: "morality, justice and freedom", "security, welfare", "understanding and solving people's problems". As we see, there is no talk of ideology or Islam, but of freedom, welfare, justice and understanding among these mottos. The other mottos of affiliated groups also concerns solving people's problems, freedom, justice and development.

C. A study of the above mottos, the answer will be given to questions such as "what do people want?", "which group do they support?", "what is their opinion?" The greatest emphasis in the mottos is put on freedom and justice; therefore the faction that suppresses freedom in the name religion is in fact abusing the word "people". Also, the Coalition of the Line of Imam and Supreme Leader is the fruit of a coalition between of the right faction and the conservatives, both claiming to be supporters of values and ideals; but as seen in their motto, there is no talk of ideology or Islamism. Their motto is "understanding and solving people's problems". Does the right conservative faction truly believe in freedom, or has it succumbed to the reality?

Let us not forget that the existing facts are unstoppable. They have so far imposed themselves to a certain extent, but tomorrow they may conquer more sensitive positions. In such a case, will you still succumb to the reality?

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