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On the occasion of Seshanbeh-Souri

Editorial to Mosharekat daily

The assassination of Saeed Hajjarian has given rise to a tide which has put the opponents of democracy on the verge of another monumental defeat which will be accompanied by infamy and humiliation. Therefore, it is assumed that in order to divert public opinion and the society from this unforgivable crime, the said elements will commit distracting acts, a clear example of which is firing mortar shells to a non-strategic area in north Tehran. This act resembles the activities of the youth on the last Tuesday of the year; only the criminals have rushed to greet Chaharshanbeh-Souri one day in advance.

The reformist movement of Iran is too deeply rooted to be driven to distracted, marginal paths by blowing firecrackers. The opponents of democracy are too weak and dispersed to be able to distract the trend of reforms. So we advise them not to create more obstacles on people’s way, for it will bear no fruit but their own detriment.

Although some news relates the said event to the violence-seekers across the border, but this has no effect on the essence of the affair. It can only confirm the analysis that violence is a game in which the ball is passes between internal and external groups to defeat the reforms. This is what Hajjarian said several times: that although they pretend to be enemies of each other, the internal and external violence-seekers unite strategically to destroy democracy and reforms in Iran.

Translated for by Kaveh Basmenji

A warning for people

Commentary to Fat’h daily
By Arash Gerami

Celebrating Jashn-e Sadeh, or the ancient ceremony of lighting fire on the Chaharshanbeh-Souri, is a tradition kept alive by Iranians from old times.

Although with the expansion of urbanism in the contemporary period and particularly with the revolutionary situation after the Islamic revolution, celebrating many national traditions was affected by global religious beliefs and was therefore subdued to a great extent, the social status of Tehran and other parts of Iran are indicative that youth groups are possibly planning to celebrate Chaharshanbeh-Souri more dramatically.

In contrast to this social status, the political situation is seen differently. What has leaked out of the circles of violent-seekers in the past year, and what can be understood from the terrorist acts of the past three days is that pressure groups, morally fed by violence-spreading circles, intend to commit acts of violence, arrest youngsters and create clashes. We should be alert this evening lest rogue forces, plain clothe ones and pressure groups light the fire of another turmoil with the alibi of preventing the tremendous sin of the national celebrations of the youth.

Translated for by Kaveh Basmenji

Understanding the situation is not so difficult

Editorial to Entekhab daily
By Mohsen Mandegari

…Although the identities of the assassins of Saeed Hajjarian have not yet been identified, it can be assumed that even if this unmanly assassination was carried out by rogue elements from the inside it exactly serves the interests of external terrorist groups—such as the Monafeqin Organization—as well as Zionist circles, for even the opponents of reforms well know that the elimination of Hajjarian from the political arena not only does not slow down the reforms, but will lead to an increase in the level of demands in an uncontrollable way and intensify the reforms project, which will eventually result in weakening national security and the growth of violence and insecurity.

Also, some believe that after the Majlis elections, Hajjarian was planning a “calendar of reforms” in order to modify public demands…Undoubtedly, the assassins of Hajjarian were trying to deprive him of this opportunity and distract a reasonable trend of reforms. Recent warnings by the supreme leader and the president about the enemies targeting national solidarity can be inspiring for political groups and those who are attached to the revolution.

Translated for by Kaveh Basmenji

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