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Minister of Science, Research and Technology lashes out at IRIB performance

Tehran, may 2, IRNA -- Minister of science, research and technology Mostafa Moin here on Monday night lashed out at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting for what he called "involvement in the burgeoning of mistrust and discrepancy in society as well as giving cause for disappointing the youth."

"Our youth are future-oriented and are the main assets of the country. However we see some special groups waging insults at the youth and the students," he told the audience in a function to honor exemplary professors of the national defense university.

The first post-revolutionary generation, he said, is responsible for the transfer of the culture of revolution to the next generations.

Moin used an analogy to stress the importance of the youth to the country, saying they are like fleeting opportunities, and "by commending their personalities, winning their confidence and boosting dialogue among the generations" the opportunity is seized.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he said: "the dependent economic structure of the country has led to excessive industrial imports and as a result has reduced the significance of the education sector.

In Islamic education and training, the science-for-science approach is meaningless, but science remains as a tool for discovery of reality and growth of the individual and society, the minister concluded.

Behzad Nabavi, Tehran Reformist MP, calls for calm

Tehran, may 2, IRNA -- Reformist MP-elect for Tehran constituency to the sixth parliament (Majlis), Behzad Nabavi, commenting on recent events in the country appealed for calm under present circumstances, it was reported yesterday.

"Under present circumstances, neither silence nor violence or inciting behavior is correct," he told a gathering of students at avicenna auditorium hall of Tehran university medical school.

Commenting on events following the may 23 presidential election which swept Khatami in a landslide victory, he said that what he has seen in the country in the past month is a group bent on the "continuation of a pattern of behavior intended to create tension, paving the way for suppression and imposition of despotism in society."

He further said that "this tension-creating group, which is not affiliated to any political spectrum and might be present in various groupings, intends to inculcate in the people's mind the thought that the epic of February 18, 2000 (6th Majlis election) was planned by the United States and Britain," he added.

The spokesman for the Khordad-2 front then touched on other developments, saying, "following February's parliamentary polls the strategy of the Khatami administration has been towards national construction, but the attempt on the life of a member of the city council Saeed Hajjarian has held it in abeyance."

Castigating the screening of parts of a video footage of the Berlin conference by the Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting, he said, "unfortunately, the IRIB instead of acting as a national media is exclusively under the control of a special group."

He also hit out at the revolutionary court for questioning the presence of certain people in the conference that was organized by a German-based organization and entitled "Iran after the elections."

He referred to the recent closure of a number of reformist publications by the press court on charges of disparaging Islam and principles of the Islamic revolution through published articles, saying such an action will make people turn to the foreign mass media for information.

Asked by a student on the possible annulment of certain election results for Tehran constituency, he said, "the Guardians Council is more wise than to commit such wrongdoing."

Asked also to comment on remarks made by former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in a recent Friday prayer gathering, Nabavi said: "I regret that a political rival has made such remarks."

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