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Malnutrition is threatening Iranian Children

2/1/01 Source: Doran Emrooz

Presently, the most epidemic pediatric diseases are pneumonia, influenza, diarrhea and malnutrition.

In an interview with ISNA, Dr. Ali Rabani, the head of the children group of the university of medical sciences of Tehran also added: 'Due to the low quality of MMR vaccines (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) produced inside the country, its production has been ceased and now it is difficult to find this important vaccine in the market.

He regarded the viral inflammations as the most important disease of the cold seasons and said, 'viral inflammations have a long recovery period and the main reason for their epidemic appearance can be a dysfunctional immunity system.

Regarding the rumor related to epidemic spread of resistant kind of tuberculosis, Rabani said: 'Aids and Tuberculosis are the two prevalent diseases in the West. Although at the moment, the number of people suffering from these diseases is relatively low in Iran but this number is noticeably rising.

Rabani added: 'last year, measles was the disease endangering the life of our children, but this year the two important epidemic diseases are influenza and whooping cough. Children's health is affected by the scientific and economic culture of the family and those children that have a poor diet and insufficient living space are more prone to these diseases.

In regard to the dangers of air pollution for children, Rabani said: 'polluted, poisoned air is a threat to all people particularly children and old people. That is why the research council of the children group has decided to carry out a thorough research on the effects of pollutants on the different organs of children. Air pollution affects both the physical and mental state of children and these harmful effects increase with the passage of time.

For example, one of the causes of immunological disorders and prolonged remission period of a simple disease such as cold, is air pollution. Even the violent behavior is not totally unrelated to this element.

Headaches, feeling of exhaustion, burning of the eyes, dyspnea and chest pain are among the harmful effects of air pollution.'

At the end while criticizing the low quality of the automobiles produced inside the country, Rabani said: 'we are all responsible for the present problem and something should be done about it, otherwise it would be impossible to compensate for the psychological and physical harmful effects of such terrifying degree of air pollution.

-- Translated for by Roya Monajem,

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