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Ayatollah Yazdi against transparency of GC's performance


Tehran, Aug 9, IRNA -- Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran, Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, during the second sermon of this week sharply criticized the parliament's move aimed at urging the constitutional supervisory body, the Guardians Council, to hold open sessions.

Speaking for thousands of pious worshipers at Tehran University's central campus, the jurisdiction expert cleric of the GC argued: "which of the country's problems would be solved if the GC sessions would be held openly?"

27 MPs presented a proposal to the parliament on July 24th, in which they had suggested that the GC's session's would be held openly.

The MS have argued that since Iran's law making body is comprised of the representatives council and the GC and the former is responsible for law making , while the latter for supervising laws, transparency of both parts' performance is necessary for the intellectuals and experts in order to enable them to have a fair judgment on the parliament's performance.

The parliament later passed a law urging the GC to hold open essions which is still waiting for the GC's ratification, that is quite improbable.

Ayatollah Yazdi said that past 23 years' performance of the GC, during which it has supervised over the ratifications of the parliament (behind closed doors) has been quite satisfactory and therefore there is no need to look for any change in that process.

The interim prayer leader of Tehran then compared the law making process in Iran with those in other countries, arguing that similar supervisory bodies do exist in many countries' parliaments, and "a kind of supervision does exist in every parliament, although the names of the supervisory bodies differ."

Justifying his move in talking about such technical matters form a public tribune, the GC member said: "I did so in order to reply to the arguments of that esteemed gentleman who wears the same attire as I do (is a cleric)," without further clarifying the cleric in question's identity, or the reason why he could not be contacted directly for the purpose.

"You have worn the eyeglasses of pessimism, and need to change them (before judging the performance of the GC), since this way you assume that the GC members are distributing lands, wealth and cars among themselves behind closed doors!" he further took snipe at the cleric in question.

The senior Iranian clergy meanwhile defended the piety, justice, jurisdiction and judiciary competence, as well as full trustworthiness of "all GC members," who have no special concerns, "but (pleasing) God, (safeguarding the) religion, the people's faith and the constitution."

The ayatollah said he is all the same fair enough not to accuse the other side (the people's representatives) of having certain political tendencies, and yet maintained, "which of the nation's problems would such a law (on transparency of the GC's performance) solve?"

He also argued, "currently, the process of collecting signatures (for approving the contents of MPs' letters, or presenting proposals to the parliament) has led to a very unpleasant atmosphere, the outside reflection of which leads to hurting the credit of the parliament."

Turning to the probability of a pending US attack against Iraq and the warmongering attitude of (the US president George W.) Bush towards Iraq and elsewhere in the world, the GC jurisdiction expert member said, "we are opposed to attacks against any country."

He added that the Tehran government is not at war with any country in the world, but will not permit any country or power to violate its territorial integrity either.

Ayatollah Yazdi also condemned the joint US-Zionist regime decision not to deliver those military personnel with their nationality who commit war rimes to the UN international war crimes court, arguing that that said body "can one day summon Mr. Bush and the rulers of Israel as war criminals."

Yazdi also criticized the UN fact finding mission's report on the Palestinian Jenin refugee camp, saying: "the Israeli police's own report on Jenin massacre refers to more crimes than the recent UN report on the matter."

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