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By Roya Monajem, Tehran

Iraqi pregnant women are rushing to abortion centers to kill their infants. Let's judge their action. First of all they are committing a sin according to all Religions. One of the main causes of present population explosion in Iran is strict prohibition of abortion and even anti-pregnancy pills issued by our religious leaders after the Islamic Revolution. So these women are committing an unforgivable sin of killing another human being. When asked why they are doing that? They said they don't want to give birth to a child in war-time.

First flashback

During Islamic Cultural Revolution when universities were attacked by a group of Faithful Believers, I was four months pregnant. And on a day that a street war took place between THEM and US (I suppose 'unfaithful' students), to escape them and their stones I had to run as fast as I could with a four months old fetus in my womb. Extremely worried for the health and future of that little human being, I saw a grocery shop nearby and ran toward it, and thank god the owner allowed me to hide underneath one of the tables in his shop. (With all those Hollywood films, if not the documentaries, we all have seen, it is not difficult to imagine such a scene.)

Second flashback

I am all alone in a relatively large house by a river in the north strict of a deserted Tehran with two small kids (four and two) under bombardment of Iraqi planes and missiles. It was a cold winter and in those days it was very difficult to keep a large house warm particularly at nights when we had to keep all the lights off and live in darkness. So I had appealed to our grandparents' way of living and had set up a Korsi (for those who do not know what Korsi is -we better all learn if the Third World War is going to begin- Korsi is a table specially made for this purpose covered by a large quilt with mattresses arranged around it and a brazier full off lighted charcoal covered by ash placed underneath it. In our childhood an electric heater replaced that traditional heating system). Suddenly I am woken up by a terrible sound. By then I knew what it was and I just jumped to hug my kids in case the bomb or the missile fell on our house. The peak of that night was when I felt my little daughter's heart under my hand. It was beating like the heart of a bird. Iraqi, Israeli, Lebanese, Afghani women and... know what I mean and the rest of you have seen similar scenes in Hollywood movies.


When I hear people defending US military attack on Iraq because of their hatred of Saddam Hussein (and the interesting point is that it seems those Iranians who were not here during Iran-Iraq war appear more revengeful than the majority of us who lived that war), I feel overwhelmed by a feeling of grief. I can't blame them because we equally and desperately desire Saddam's removal. I can't scorn them because in the majority of cases I can see and feel that the person has not personally - that is with his/her own flesh and blood) experienced terrors of war. I can't do anything in fact and indeed. So I feel the most desperate and despairing moments of my life. Aren't we tired of repeating the same old bloody historical pains and suffering? Wouldn't human nature change? Isn't there an end to this mortal war of love and hatred? What if this is the supreme Law of life on Earth? Hasn't it always been like that as seen in recorded history? If all those Hollywood movies on World War I, II, and the war in Vietnam that we have seen and all those books that try to convey to us that 'hatred is the main cause of human suffering' that we have read and similar trainings and warnings that we have had, have been in vain, and if the world is going to turn on its axis in the same old way, isn't it better to put an end to your life? Haven't you seen enough revolution, war, destruction, hatred and death in your life? Aren't you tired? Aren't you worn out? Can despair ever be deeper and more abysmal than what you are feeling at this very moment?

Then I tell myself that if the world is going to turn on its same old axis and life would remain as the war between good and evil, then I should be able to experience the same degree of hope as I am now feeling Despair. And I 'hate' Pandora for not allowing hope to escape with other presents of gods to humans from that jar and I 'hate' Eve for being enchanted by what the Snake told her about the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (giving godly power to humans), and I 'hate' myself to feel so weak and in despair. And I sing with Hafez

I was an angel and supreme heaven was my home
Adam (Eve)[1] brought me to this desolate prosperous temple

1. Thank God that in Koran Adam and Eve are equally regarded guilty of eating what they were ordered not to eat. Just think that in addition to all the rest of sexual discriminations Islamic women had this sin on their hands too!

... Payvand News - 4/9/03 ... --

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