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Capture of Saddam Hussein

By Mohammad Ala


I woke up Sunday morning to hear about the capture of Saddam Hussein.  Because of time differences, people in other parts of the world had heard about the news before us.  I benefited from reading their comments.


I hope whatever burden one has been carrying as the results of his aggressions now is being lifted.  However, the timing of his capture strikes me as odd, the logic and the precedents can be disastrous for other countries.


It is tough not to get political on these matters, but the moral imperative compels me to write this letter.  There are other criminals such as Saddam Hussein who are no better than him and still in power in various parts of the world.  To me, Saddam was a puppet and thug.  He tried to imitate Jamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt and wanted to unite the Arab world.  The Russians, the French, and later the Americans provided means for his fantasy.


Saddam became known to the world after Americans (the original Neo-conservatives, e.g., Bush Sr.) directly supported and advised him militarily.  The people who were gassed, killed, and maimed (Kurds, Iranians, Iraqis Shia) should not put all the blame on Saddam.


We are blaming an individual whereas total blame should be placed on a system or a party.  We should not blame their toy.


Hurray, Saddam was captured, so now there will be peace in the Middle East.  Fox news and other mouthpiece media of the system will have a field day with this story of capturing Saddam for few weeks.  How about the fact that no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) was found? 


I have the following comments: 


  1. Saddam Hussein must be tried by a United Nations tribunal.
  2. Those who had the best of reasons to settle scores with Saddam Hussein, had very little to do with his capture.  I would have been happy if Kurdish people of Halabcheh who saw him going to the hole had captured him.  The whereabouts of Saddam was known for several months.  The timing of his capture is questionable.
  3. The capture of Saddam is good news.  But how much good news depends on who is allowed to benefit from it the most.
  4. Neo-conservatives played a major role in waging the war.  Their visions were flawed.  Without U.N. participation, it made it difficult to find and settle some important issues such as WMD.
  5. It seems that laws were bent and interpreted unjustly, to allow justice to prevail in a particular case.
  6. Many unjust precedents were established in this war.



In brief, the system will be in trouble if it does not find another person or country to blame or attack.  The fundamentals have not changed.  For now, let us all relax and enjoy the peace.  In few months or maybe a year, before the election, there will be another good news bulletin, e.g. the capture of Bin Laden.  After the election, we will be in for another bumpy ride.


About the author:

Mohammad Ala, Professor of Production and Operations Management.  Dr. Ala teaches both in Iran and the U.S.A.  He is the president of, board member of, and founder of and


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