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Apolitical Craze-Sapiens

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By Roya Monajem, Tehran

Isn't it strange and even shocking that while there are anti-war demonstrations all over the world, even more numerous both in regard to the number of times they are held and the number of people participating in them, when compared to the time when American and British governments were preparing to attack Afghanistan, there is almost no popular reaction in this country as the immediate neighbor of the now 'invaded' Afghanistan and the 'going- to be- invaded land of' Iraq? Have we really been completely and on a national scale transformed to that new species that I found the term Craze-sapiens as the most appropriate term for describing it, that is a species that is simultaneously both wise and crazy?[1] Isn't this wisdom that we no longer wish to play in a game others design in our absence for us and other nations? Aren't we crazy that we no longer seem to give a damn to what could happen to us, to our country and to the world? But how can we be otherwise, particularly now that we have learned that throughout those eight years war, when both nations were experiencing the horrors of war, the Americans and the British and the French and the Germans and the Russians were selling arms and ammunitions and chemicals and in one word all the war-related stuff to both countries that are now considered as evil-axis for their possession?

San Francisco Antiwar March, Feb. 16, 2003
Photo: Ali Moayedian

But perhaps we are staying silent as in the case of Afghanistan because as much as we welcomed the downfall of those autocratic Talibans, we enjoy to see the fall of Saddam Hussein, the man responsible for the death and homelessness of many of our fellow country men and women and demolition of many of our beautiful and prospering cities and landscapes. And that was not the only consequence of that absurd war. We paid expensively for it from other important aspects too. The war gave the government the excuse to re-enforce the same political suppression and oppression that were our main target in our fight against the Shah's regime before even we had the chance of tasting the ambrosia of freedom or as the old Persian proverb says, before the coffins of the dead were dried, everything in this respect returned to the way it was. I still haven't forgotten the shock of being forced to put on Islamic uniform and I felt even worse as I could remember that in an early anti-Shah's demonstration that actually turned to a street fight, as I was escaping with a friend from the hands of soldiers whom seemed very horrifying at that time while now compared to those sitting in these Elegances and Mercedes appear so benign, a man started to shout at us quite aggressively that we should be ashamed of having our hairs uncovered and.Shouldn't I have realized then the sort of game I was getting foolishly involved in?

And I am sick of this black and white human attitude that if I am not in one front then I am automatically in the opposite front. I am sick of hearing from the majority of my and older generation that our fate is largely determined by big powers and we have no voice in it. I am sick of seeing whoever that criticizes our government is considered as a defendant of American government and is arrested or forced to flee the country. I am sick and sad of seeing so much 'self-centeredness' 'selfishness,' 'deadening of our senses, feelings, emotions' developing within and around me perhaps as the result of general hopelessness in finding a voice in the kind of life we wish to lead. I get scared when I sometimes find myself hoping for the total extinction of this inconsiderate two-legged creature from the surface of the earth, and the only thing that makes me think twice in clinging to this evil wish is that it will naturally be accompanied with the extinction of other creatures of this beautiful planet and even the planet itself.. I get nauseated to see how the "survival of 'self''' is now completely overpowering the "survival of species" in this homo sapien.

What made me to remember all this on this white snowy day and the fact that our hearts seem to be as cold as these snow flakes falling on the ground is Massoud Behnoud's article relating the story of the biggest anti-war demonstration held in London last Saturday and reading a note by Payvand's editor telling me that he is going to San Francisco or another city to participate in a similar demonstration. And again there is me sitting in a corner so near to the country that is the main target of all these demonstrations, so near that I can feel with my flesh and blood the kind of state of mind and heart the innocent Iraqi people should be experiencing now, writing about the Fall of Women as the complementary article of the Fall of Man. And again I am feeling as ashamed of our general national indifference and apolitical attitude toward the outside world. How can we break this ice that has filled our hearts as the result of witnessing so much killing (during the war) and political executions and arrests and corruption and bribery and hypocrisy and despair and.?

But who knows perhaps something novel and unique would come out of our national apoliticality! Perhaps this is the state that is called 'fire beneath the ash.' Perhaps a unique phoenix will soon hatch from not only our frozen hearts, but from the hearts of all those peace loving Americans, Europeans, Asians, Australians and the rest that will destroy the hate-ridden runners of the countries and the whole world.

Is this merely the wishful thinking of a craze-sapien?

1. To summarize the characteristics of this species is that it has attained enlightenment and lives blissfully in Here-Now out of sheer hopelessness and despair.

... Payvand News - 2/19/03 ... --

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