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A message from Iranian journalists to American journalists

The Christian New Year starts in a few more days. Reformist Iranian journalists wish a happy new year for their colleagues all around the world with an aching heart though.

Various members of the benevolent, alert and cultured Iranian society were saddened when they found out about how the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) has mistreated their compatriots. Iranians have no time in history supported the use of violent and illogical measures against unarmed people. They have indeed every way possible rejected cowardly acts. The latest case in point is the Iranian nation's condemnation of the 9/11 terrorist operations which claimed many innocent lives.

Soon after the ugly incidents of 9/11 broke out, the representatives of Iranian people at the government and parliament officially denounced them as violent and unacceptable. The reformist sections of Iranian media also rejected them as inhumane and called for a global consensus against moves which endangered the lives of civilians. However, the sad part is that some have tried to manipulate the already hurt public sentiments. They have used the post-9/11 climate for their own ends. The unity of different nations in condemnation of all forms of terror has been used as a tool to encroach on the other freedoms of people. It cannot and should not be doubted that the illogical attitude towards foreign nationals, including Iranians, in the US is among the immediate consequences of this new unethical approach which is justified under the pretext of war on terror. It is so unfortunate that most these people, who have been mistreated, voluntarily turned up at the INS offices to clarify their residency status. Some five years ago the great Iranian nation expressed its respect and reverence for the American nation's cultural accomplishments through President Mohammad Khatami. Iran has perpetually insisted that the strong Zionist lobbies constantly add to the height of 'walls of mistrust' between Iran and the United States. However, certain measures such as the US National Security Department's (NSD) decree which is aimed at the tranquility of ordinary Iranian residents of the US and which merely ruins human relations among civilized nations are more disgraceful than the typical Zionist machinations and are thus not acceptable by any means.

The INS and the NSD today humiliate the Iranian society in America, whose lofty scientific and cultural status has been lauded by the American elite and thinkers on several occasions. This is while both the INS and NSD in their publicity campaigns introduce themselves as

advocates of human rights worldwide. It seems that the journalists of the planet, irrespective of their nationalities, are obliged to question the validity of this absurdly violent and illogical move on the basis of their professional and moral duties.

The Iranian nation will never forget its children even if they are scattered all around the world. No matter where they are, Iranians are linked together in light of thousands of years of effulgent civilization. The accomplishments of Iranian immigrants in the arenas of science, technology and culture are always viewed as national assets. Hence, if their fates are endangered or if they are threatened, the entire Iranian nation is concerned.

If a foreign force threatens the reputation, life, properties and the well-being of an Iranian national anywhere in the planet, Iranian national interests have been threatened. At the time when the notion of distance between continents is increasingly meaningless and human beings tend to share similar fates, national interests are not just limited to the countries' geographical boundaries. Iran's heart beats for Iranians worldwide and our national interests must be upheld.

The word of the savage attitude of the US officials towards our compatriots hurts all Iranians. The Iranian nation will never tolerate such an attitude vis--vis its beloved children. The reformist newspapers, which have in the past five years reflected on the popular Iranian demands, now reflect the wrath of this nation at the uncivil and inhumane attitude of the US officials towards their countrymen.

We hereby urge all journalists, intellectuals and writers of the world, especially American journalists, to join us in our condemnation of this oppression and injustice.

We are not to ignore the disrespect for Iran and humanity.

Aftab-e Yazd (Seyed Mojtaba Vahedi Bodala)
Hayat-e Nou (Ghasem Taghi Zadeh Khamesi)
Hambastegi (Ebrahim Asgharzadeh)
Hayat-e Nou Eqtesadi (Mohsen Bahrami)
Mardomsalari (Mostafa Kavakebian)
Kar-o-Karegar (Morteza Lotfi)

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