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Deceived parties involved in recent problems: Rafsanjani

Mashhad, Jan 16, IRNA -- Hojatoleslam Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said here on Wednesday night that deceived parties were probably involved in the occurrence of recent problems, and "this is not a simple phenomenon," apparently talking about the 1965 caricature that led to the "temporary" closure of Hayat-e-Nou daily.

The influential head of the Expediency Council who was speaking for a group of executive managers of Khorassan Province and clerics residing in Mashhad, referred to the sensitivities that arose following the occurrence of the "insult" and said, "the high sensitivity demonstrated at seminaries, and by the esteemed Friday prater leaders reveals how serious the matter was."

He said that the demonstrations staged, and other moves that followed the incidence, were all self-propelled, and aimed at paying respect to the late Imam (Khomeini PBUH) and the (Islamic) Revolution (of Iran), and were of quite great significance for the world.

The former president added, "the world had assumed this was a state scenario, aimed at urging the people to pour into the streets, while on the contrary the alert nation stepped in the scene quite on their own."

He said, "they (?) had assumed that with the passage of time, the holiness of sanctities would gradually faint in the eyes of our nation, and that they (?) would manage to fish in troubled waters caused due to such turbulence."

Rafsanjani added that the pulse of the global politics beats "in the region surrounding us."


The head of the Expediency Council turning to discuss the Iraq crisis, said, "the Americans are currently faced with a serious trouble in this region and the psychological war that they launched against Iraq has backfired against themselves.

He said, "they (the Americans) assumed that (the Iraqi President) Saddam (Hussain) would step down with their first hue and cry, but now the situation is quite against them in the region."

Rafsanjani further elaborated, "this factor (the Iraq crisis) has led to rising of the oil prices from its previous $20 per barrel during the last month, up to 30 to 32 dollars per barrel, and this drastic rise was important for America (?)."

Rafsanjani said, "the US move is nothing but adventurism, and the United States that lives in a glass garden (house?) is vulnerable (and should not throw stones?).


He emphasized that the clerics and nation need to maintain extremely alert under the prevailing conditions, and thanks God, such alertness does exist "among our people."

Rafsanjani added, "our important task is to guarantee being pleased of the nation, and to meet their demands."


Assimilating the current political and factional crises to child games, the weathered politician said, "since these crises are devoid of content and depth, they are child games played by the elder folks," apparently insulting some of his political rivals.

BLESSINGS IN IRNA AND SWORN ENEMIES OF ISLAM Hojatoleslam Rafsanjani said, "there are noteworthy possibilities and blessings in this country that should be employed at the service of moving towards advancement."

He added, "for the pagans and colonialists of the world, an independent Islamic movement associated with freedom is not tolerable and such an Islam is regarded as a threat to their interests."

Rafsanjani opined, "they accept and support a version of Islam that goes with their own interests and does not create any limitations for them."

He further stressed, "in our country the clerics and religious scholars are united in faith and beliefs, and such a phenomenon is unmatched all over the world."

The former president added, "we clerics shoulder a tough responsibility (in Iran) today, since God has both bestowed us with abundant blessings and vowed a covenant with us to obey His commands."

He urged the clerics to be at the scene alertly and ready for self sacrifice, promising them, "in that case we can not emerge as a superior power not only in Iran, but as one around the globe."

"The sworn enemy is at ambush to ruin the reputation of Islam and the clerics in the eyes of our people, and to deal a severe blow gainst Islam," concluded the hojatoleslam.

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