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Major cleric urges youth not to allow enemies to infiltrate into Iran universities

Substitute leader of Tehran Friday Prayers Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani called on the university student and youth not to allow enemies to infiltrate in the universities to pursue their evil objectives making allusion to the recent varsity events in Iran's capital Tehran and other major cities, IRNA reported from Tehran.

Addressing thousands of worshipers gathered at the Tehran University campus for the weekly congregational prayers, Ayatollah Kashani said anyone who acts in a way that provides grounds for the enemies to realize their aims and goals in Iran would make a treason to the martyr's blood.

Kashani who is also a member of the leadership experts assembly added that the aliens and enemies had managed in the pre-Islamic Revolution era to infiltrate into Iranian society by luring the officials but now that an Islamic system is established the foreigners can no longer infiltrate into the country by making corrupt the authorities.

The enemies' policy toward Iran is now different from the policy they had adopted in the past, he said adding that the nemies are now accusing Iran's Islamic system to seek to develop weapons of mass destruction and to sponsor terrorism and on the other hand they try to incite the Iranian youth to make troubles in the country.

The enemies are making attempts to give rise to the illicit drug trafficking and abuse, hooliganism and trouble-making so that they can materialize their own interests, said Emami Kashani.

"We witnessed that the aliens attacked Iraq and committed so many killings there under the excuse of defending freedom and following efforts to establish democracy", he said.

The ayatollahs added that the assailants have gained no success so far in Iraq.

Ayatollah Kashani further said the youth and the university students are duty-bound to defend the blood of martyrs who laid their lives in the freedom and independence struggles.

He said that the enemies are waiting for a handful of trouble-makers to come to streets so that they can magnify the issue and fan the flames of tensions in Iran."

Any action by students in universities, that have always been a source of glory and honor for the Iranian system, that jeopardizes national security and peace would be an action of treason today, said Ayatollah Kashani.

Returning to Iraq issue, he said though the foreign assailants managed to bring the Iraqi regime to collapse by military action, but created only disgust and indignation of the world people against them.

Ayatollah Kashani's remarks backed earlier comments by major cleric Ayatollah Yazdi who called on the Judiciary to adopt tough measures against the trouble-makers who where behind the recent unrests in Iranian megalopolitan centers.

"There is no longer room for tolerance for those who are jeopardizing the national security", said the cleric terming the trouble-makers as "mhohareb", Islamic term meaning peoples waging war against god.

"Can one consider as simple "protesters" those who come to the streets overnight to harass the passers-by, beat them or inflict damage to the passing cars?" he asked.

The first unrest broke out in Tehran on June 10 following a peaceful gathering of students in protest to the alleged privatization of universities.

According to media, police have arrested several people, including plain-clothes vigilantes who have reportedly assailed student dormitories and beaten up students.

Later on, a student association, affiliated to volunteer Basij militia, warned 'vigilantes' against attacking students and their residences and said such raids could lead to playing to the hands of enemies.

The association also hit out at the rioters, saying they were being incited by 'unknown hands and well-calculated suspicious currents' which, it said, sought to 'create riots by exploiting the sanctity of universities under the pretext of privatization'.

Iran sent an official protest to the United States over its flagrant interference in its internal affairs through hailing the riots.

US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher was cited as saying after the riots that "We applaud the Iranian people for calling attention to the destructive policies of the Iranian government, that do such a disservice to its population".

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