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By Kave Pourmand

In his article titled "Should the United States Interfere?" published on 7/18/03, the author warns Iranian intellectuals against "paranoia." I guess this is an improvement from previous labeling of Iranian intellectuals as being "anti-Semite"!

You have to live in a vacuum or get your news ONLY from Washington Times, Jerusalem Post or National Review Online not to hear about the disasters caused by America's latest interference in Iraq!

As a victim of "paranoia" I do remember back in 1991 when Bush Sr. encouraged Iraqi people to stand up against Saddam Hossein and then American troops watched on the sideline when Saddam's army slaughtered them!

The same author wrote an article as early as last week and expressed his dissatisfaction with Secretary of State Collin Powell when Powell called Iran's recent development as a fight between family members! Furthermore, Vice President Dick Cheney, as CEO of Halliburton, has lobbied very hard to remove sanctions against Iran to profit off of signing lucrative oil contracts with terrorist mullahs. Pardon me for being paranoid and not trusting the United States and ask for help to bring democracy in Iran!

The most recent US "democratization" has resulted in a disaster in Iraq. US forces are stuck in Iraq and Pentagon has admitted that the situation in Iraq is now "gorilla warfare." Iraq is becoming America's Vietnam. A "disaster" that can easily be resolved if US allows UN to take part and station multi-national troops to participate in security and policing of Iraq. But then again Halliburton and Bechtel do not want to share lucrative rebuilding contracts with others.

Iranian people do not need any outside interference to achieve democracy. They can get what they want and rid themselves of un-elected clerics soon. The apparatus is already there, the desire is there and Iranian people can do it. They can do it without interference from outsiders (specially the US). Iranian people are fully capable of electing a President, members of legislative branch (what the author calls "Don Quixote's").

These "Don Quixote's" are fighting in Iran and are being harassed, intimidated and threatened on daily basis by hard-line judiciary unlike the outsiders such as Rajavi and Pahlavi who only preach democracy from the sideline.

About the author:
Kave Pourmand lives in San Francisco Bay Area.

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