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Iran: Evolution or Occupation

By Dr Akbar Nouruzi

Soon after the occupation of Iraq by American forces, there has been a surge in the activities of the US neo-conservative groups including Jewish lobbyists and monarchists represented by the Reza Pahlavi, to give the impression that the Iranians are anxiously waiting for liberation by foreign forces. Last month Ledeen, a well-known neo-conservative activist gave a speech to a crowd of pro-monarchist in Los Angeles and claimed that with $20 million, in his hand there would be a "free Iran" (note, this is less than 30 cents per head of population). The Jewish lobbyist and Monarchist under the banner of Reza Pahlavi are trying to bring up the idea that if US sends a small army, they will be able to occupy Iran with minimum resistance. Under the direction of the occupying forces, the people of Iran will embrace a constitutional monarchy and a "model democracy" will be created in our homeland. This is all too good to be true! It does all actually sound like a fairytale!

I remember that a few years before the Iranian Revolution, when I was a student of doctorate in England, I had occasional political discussions with my supervisor who was an old wise professor. He used to follow the world events with curiosity. One day he asked me about my thoughts in relation to the situation in troubled Iran. I expressed my feelings and thoughts about the Shah and the fact that he was a ruthless dictator. I told him that we want changes in the political system of our country and a government, which is elected by the people of Iran. The old wise man looked at me and said, "I do agree that the Shah is a dictator and has done many wrongs, but I do not agree that you could bring constructive changes by a revolution." He then, brought up the idea of the evolutionary process of changes in a social and political setting. He explained how in his view the evolutionary process could work better than a revolution, in practice. In one of his arguments, he compared the two countries of France and Britain. He believed that the democratic process in Britain has worked better in comparison to the one in France for the last few centuries. The British achieved their democracy not through a revolution but through the evolutionary process, unlike the French. In the process of evolution there is less damage to the foundation and infrastructure of the social life and there is more control over the direction we take. In an evolutionary process there is no war and no bloodshed. In a society that evolves, opportunists and foreign powers do not take advantage of the weaknesses that can be generated during the chaotic period produced in the case of a revolution.

After thirty years of following the world politics, I have come to the same conclusion that an evolutionary process always works better.

The evolutionary process was Dr Mosadegh's idea too. He worked within the system that existed at his time. He used the parliamentary and election process for the progressive changes he had in mind to bring to his society. He fought against the British Petroleum Company and the British sanctions through the United Nation. Nobody ever quoted him requesting foreign powers to invade his country to bring about changes he wished for his nation. He was replaced by a dictatorial regime that ran the country for thirty years with an iron feast!

We Iranians have a very rich culture. Our culture is full of wisdom, which we inherit from our noble (Aazaadeh) ancestors. They passed on their life experiences and endless treasures for free, that must always be valued.

We have this saying: "KAS NAKHARAD POSHTE MAN JOZ NAKHONE ANGOSHTE MAN". These words in Parsi, literally means, "that only the nails in my own fingers can scratch my back." The word of wisdom here is that we should not expect help from outsiders but ourselves. People who beg for help from foreign powers have no support amongst the masses in Iran. Our young generation do want changes, but at the same time they are politically mature enough not to look for an induced change through the indignity of foreign intervention.

Iranians have lived on this land for thousands of years and have overcome many foreign invasions. We have never respected people who opened the back door for strangers. We need to move and evolve and be progressive. Our motherland does not need changes, which are induced and enforced by foreigners especially under the shame of an occupation. It is the vote and the will of people that must prevail and bring changes. Our people want the rule of law and a honourable life but not the indignity of foreign occupation.

About the author:
Dr Akbar Nouruzi works as a research scientist with automotive industry in Adelaide Australia. He has a PhD in Metallurgy and Material Science.

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