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Buy Iranian so as to boost economy, says daily

Tehran, Mar 1, IRNA -- `Tehran Times' on Saturday urged Iranians to patronize Iranian products in order to boost the country's economy.

It also called on the government to give private entrepreneurs and government-run manufacturing companies the needed boost in order to encourage them to produce quality products that Iranians will not hesitate to buy.

"The weak state of (the) Iranian economy has resulted in high levels of poverty and unemployment, the two most serious problems facing the society," highlighted the English-language daily in its Opinion column.

"Be Iranian, buy Iranian goods" may well be a lesson for the person who is always seen complaining about the sorry state of affairs in the country's economy, suggested the daily.

Elaborating on the issue, the daily cited a familiar scene--an "Iranian man wearing an Italian suit driving a German car through the streets of the capital Tehran." As he drives in his latest Peugeot or BMW, he listens to soft music from his Japanese car stereo and talks to a friend over a Swedish mobile phone, but heaps criticisms on the state of the Iranian economy.

"What's wrong with this picture?" asked the paper sardonically.

If he would only look around him and think for a while what gets the economy going, it would be easy for him to see that he and people like him are the problem.

Buy Iranian products, the paper rightly urged, and things in the country would no doubt improve and people would have less to complain about.

Sad to say, but true, many Iranians believe that local products are far inferior in quality to imported goods. And this is not only true for Iranians. Most Third World inhabitants have a mania for things foreign, that is, things Western, lamented the daily.

Salesmen have to make excuses that although their wares are "Made in Iran" the materials have actually been brought in from abroad and are thus of better quality than the locally made ones.

Woe to the Iranian who loves not his own. Buying the country's products is as important as saluting its flag. More important, when people spend the money in their pockets to buy their country's products the benefits get back to them in terms of a better economy.

Iranian carpets, saffron, caviar and pistachios are world-renown and which Iranians should pride themselves in buying, underlined the article.

However, all the blame cannot be pinned on our countrymen. There are, indeed, local goods that are inferior to foreign ones, the daily admitted.

"Everyone knows the shoddy quality of a great deal of domestically produced goods," it said.

Unfortunately, domestic manufacturers are also to blame. They are "afflicted by a negative mentality. Customer service and customer satisfaction are not priorities for most Iranian companies," it said.

International standards are rarely taken into consideration while "quality control is almost non-existent with many factories not even seen upgrading their equipment for the past 20 or even 30 years."

Some Iranian companies are the worst kind of capitalist profiteers "interested only in selling low quality products at a high price" ignoring customer satisfaction, it added.

Then there are those products in the market which are labeled "export quality" to encourage the people to buy the products at a higher rate.

The common public impression is that certain local companies are interested in selling high quality goods to foreigners and not to Iranians, it noted. This justifies why an average consumer prefers buying imported goods, it said.

Any country that wants to be economically successful must be able to sell its products to its own citizens, it highlighted.

The onus is on the Iranian government to encourage private manufacturers and its public sector to raise the quality of their goods.

It must be noted that the weak state of the Iranian economy has resulted in high levels of poverty and unemployment--two of society's most serious problems, it said.

The only way Iranians can help boost the country's ailing economy is to buy Iranian goods, it wrote in conclusion.

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