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Shahroudi says Iran's Judiciary in need of reform


Tehran, March 6, IRNA -- Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi said on Thursday that the justice system is in need of reform.

In a meeting with the heads of nationwide justice departments and the Judiciary officials, Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi underscored the necessity of applying advanced methods for administering justice and said that the traditional procedure underway in Iranian courts of justice has proved weak in dealing with various kinds of crimes.

He said that well-educated judges with high-level training should be recruited to deal with the cases of crimes.

Shahroudi said that the current procedure in courts and classification of the crimes should be revised to keep up with the necessity of the time.

He said that the justice system needs to update itself to deal with the organized crime which has become a stumbling block for administration of justice.

Upon assuming to the office, Ayatollah Shahroudi said that he took delivery of the ruins of the Judiciary and promised to restructure the justice system as his number one preference.

But, the Judiciary did not undergo a dramatic reform in the past four years since Ayatollah Shahroudi's taking office to guarantee the basic right of every individual.

Unfortunately, the justice administration has isolated itself and created a surroundings in which it fails to seek expertise from the academic centers in a bid to draw up a comprehensive reform program for the body.

The experience of the past four years has proved that the Judiciary needs to recruit specialists in law from the universities and form specialized teams to hand over an urgent plan to respond to the public expectations.

The Judiciary closed the prosecutors offices over night several years ago and then reached the conclusion that it has made mistake, but, it has not been successful to restore the office across the country despite the decision made two years ago to do so.

"Justice is as essential as the bread for maintaining life for every human being. How is it possible to restore justice in the country while the justice system is suffering from outdated procedure?" a university teacher said.

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