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Leadership Test for Reza Pahlavi

By Shahriar Etemadi

I am writing in response to Mr. Mohsen Moshafegh's recent article in Payvand titled "One from the left". He argues that assertions by some that Reza Pahlavi is a "puppet" of neo-conservatives and Israeli's lobbyists in the U.S. is unfounded. I would direct Mr. Moshafegh's attention to an article in the Financial Times of London (May 9, 2003) to find his answer. That article was cited in the Payvand News of Iran ( Iranian monarchist exiles seek pact with US) . I am sure many of the Payvand readers have seen both articles. I thought it would be interesting to cite a few words from that article. I must say that Financial Times is among the most conservative publications in England and obviously not a "Lefty".

"United by their desire for regime change in Iran,....exiled Iranian monarchists are developing an alliance in Washington with influential neo-conservatives as well as Pentagon officials and Israeli lobby group" and it goes on to say that " supporters of Reza Pahlavi ....see a role model in Ahamad Chalabi who is backed by powerful figures in Pentagon."

I say the people of Iran are politically matured and experienced enough to see the ploy of monarchists. In addition, they are witnessing the "pro-western democracy" regimes currently being installed in Iraq and Afghanistan. American style democracy has brought nothing but misery and destruction to countries such as ours. I can assure my readers that the Iranians will not submit to the past humiliation of being the puppet of United States again. Iranians may not be all too happy with their state of economy or politics. However, the chance of returning the monarchy to Iran is merely zero. Iranians have shown over and over again that they are not in the mood for another bloody change of government. In their view change through violence is not an option. They do not forget the loss of life and the destruction of their country in the hands of Shah's regime during the revolution or imposed war by Iraqis. Any violent change in Iran whether domestic or from abroad will be fiercely resisted.

There are many factors that make it very costly and unaffordable for the U.S to engage Iran militarily. Iranians are proud nationalist people who will not give up easily in the event of an American intervention in their country. Today's Iran is a much stronger country, militarily as well as politically. Our current government is not the government of Saddam. We have much better relationships with Europe, Persian Gulf states, Russia and far eastern Asian countries. International reaction to an American invasion of Iran will be fierce. Even United Kingdom will not be part of it.

With all the criticism of the current government in Iran, the regime still enjoys a healthy support. It can easily mobilize millions of people to fight the invaders. Iranians will never allow U.S to walk into their country and install Reza Pahlavi as its puppet. That would be the end of any peace and tranquility in the middel east. The Unite States of America will be very lucky if it could bring the minimum security, law and order in Iraq let alone creating another messy situation in neighboring Iran. Let's see how the mess just born in Iraq will grow bigger for the U.S policy makers before they give birth to another one in Iran.

Reza Pahlavi and his cronies can wish and dream as much as they want but it will never happen. Iranians are determined to reform their form of government through non-violence that is independent and free and they will succeed.

Reza Pahlavi could try to gain the trust of Iranians by doing the followings:

  1. He must formally apologies for the crimes of his father and Pahlavi family against Iranians.

  2. He must return millions and perhaps billions of stolen Iranians assets by his father and the Pahlavi family. That money can be used for all the needy people who have suffered under the sanctions and the imposed war. The likeminded supporters of Reza Pahlavi-those hawks in Washington were the ones who formulated the policy of sanctions and war against our country for the past 22 years. Now, they suddenly feel sorry for Iranians lack of freedom. The people who stayed behind and defended our country from being taken over by Saddam-at the time, a U.S. friend, need peace and tranquility. No more war, no more bloodshed.

  3. He must gain a real employment after forty some years of living the luxury life of the Washingtonians with the stolen money from Iran. He must maintain that job for several years and see how well he does before we can consider him to be our leader.

  4. And since he is so fond of referendum, I suggest that we have a referendum here among the Iranian-Americans first to see if they are willing to help Reza Pahlavi installed to power by violent American's "shock and awe" invasion of Iran. Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of our people will be killed to maintain Iran's independence and integrity. That is the invasion scenario that Reza Pahlavi is dreaming about these days.

  5. A good leader is the one that brings his people together. I suggest that he tries that first with his supporters (few hundreds or a few thousands at best) in Los Angles so they don't be at each other's throat all day long. That is a test that we can say well, he may be able to bring all Iranians together.

I would say Mr. Pahlavi, how about that for a start? I would say shame on those who wish death and destruction for our country. They want to sell us the idea of destruction as democracy and freedom for Iran. How far they could descent in hypocrisy?

About the author:
Author lives and works in Maryland.

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