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Declaration of Iranian Cultural and Political Activists

Regarding Ways to Assist National Resistance Against Foreign Threats
Persian text

19 May 2003
In the name of God

On the eve of the birthday of our Prophet Mohammed ibn Abdullah (Peace be upon him), we the undersigned, after offering our congratulations for the happy occasion of the birth of the Prophet of Islam, looking at the grave situation of our region and the delicate condition of our country, and in the pursuit of giving support to the nation to stand against foreign threats and to break the internal political deadlock, wish to offer our sincere advice and to warn those ruling our country and to remember the following:

1) Islam as a religion of liberty and freedom that affirms human dignity is still the strongest element of Iranian culture and identity. However, manipulating people's religious belief in the pursuit of retaining political power has inflicted an immeasurable toll on people's attitude toward religion. Given the fact that pursuing freedom and development is one of the highest goals of Islam, violence, narrow mindedness and monopolizing power are incomplete conflict with Islamic values. Taking away people's God given rights is unacceptable. The misuse of Islam for sinister ends, encouraging factionalism and attacking intellectuals - in the name of religion - who criticize the system has already inflicted damage on the morals and spirit of the nation.

2) The 1979 Islamic Revolution was based on a movement of people who were inspired by authentic Islamic values to reach independence, freedom, justice and popular sovereignty. The struggle of the last 100 years by this nation was to remove dictatorship in all shapes and forms. The wish and hope of the people was that the Islamic regime would return to its original goals that were articulated at the beginning of revolution. The unelected institutions such as the judiciary, Council of Guardians, Expediency Council, Radio and T.V etc. all are united and are standing against the wishes of the nation. They do not tolerate any legal action or legitimate criticism. The accumulation of power in the hands of a few has created a huge financial chasm between classes in society as well as resulted in discrimination and a lack of justice for the general public.

3) On top of the demand for freedom and justice, a popularly elected government is at the top of the list of the nation's demands. All Iranians, regardless of religious belief, opinion, or language, are all the common owners of this ancient land of Iran and they must have the right of self-determination. All persons in-charge of any position in the system must represent the people and honor their wishes. According to basic principles of the Islamic religion, no one has the right to rule or to control any institution without the approval of the nation. It is the rulers who must accommodate themselves to the wishes of the ruled not the other way around. The Islamic Republic has no other meaning except this one

The will of the people is only determined via the ballet box. A true republican system of government is the one elected directly by the people for a limited time, not for life. They are accountable to the nation. Calling for a referendum, such as the one in 1980 is an integral tool of the system working for people's interest. Therefore, arranging a referendum to solve problems seems to be the only way out of this difficult situation.

We the undersigned, considering the above three points, express our complete dissatisfaction with the rulers in Iran. We believe our country's interest demands a reduction of political pressure in order to create justice and security for the people and to reduce any threats from abroad. In pursuit of the end, we again demand the following:

1) The Judiciary system must be independent from political and economical powers, and be completely impartial and function according to the law. Most Iranians, particularly legal experts, find the judiciary system unfair, partial and a tool in the hand of unelected groups.

2) Representatives of the people in the parliament must be able to exercise complete freedom at their job. Repeated attacks by the Guardian Council have transformed the parliament into a useless institution. We demand an end to the supervisory role of the Guardian Council and the road blocks they have place against bills passed by parliament relating to the electoral process, protection of the press, defining what constitutes a political crime, the illegality of torture and giving the president the necessary powers to carry out his duties.

3) We demand an end of illegal arrests and the removal of a ban on more than 90 publications so that they may have the freedom for political and journalistic activity. Increasing political and social crackdown such as illegal arrests is against our national interests.

4) We demand a free and independent Iran and to the same extent that we oppose foreign interference in our internal affairs we also oppose religious despotism and the denial of the legitimate freedoms of our people. We are warning the regime to not force the nation to choose between freedom or independence. This might provide an excuse to some groups who desire freedom to sacrifice the independence of the country. If this happens, the responsibility for this outcome falls exclusively on the shoulders of the regime. We are deeply worried that the continuation of the present policies carried out by unelected men is taking us to a point of no return. We must learn a lesson from the fate of the Taleban and Saddam Hussein and understand that despotism and selfishness is destined to take the country down to defeat. The only way out from the current impasse of external threats and pressures is to accept the national aspirations of the Iranian nation.

The above statement has been signed by 196 personalities. Names, social status and political affiliation of some signatories are as follows:

1 Adib, Masoud Theo.-Seminary lecturer, Association of the Lecturers and Researchers of "Qum Theological Seminary" (ALRQTS)
2 Aghajeri, Hashem,Ph.D University Professor, Organization of Islamic Revolution Mujaheds (OIRM)
3 Aghajeri, Zohre Iran Islamic Participation Front (IIPF)
4 Ahmadi, Ali Akbar University Professor
5 Ahmadi, Nemat Law expert
6 Akbarain,Mohammad Javad Researcher&Journalist
7 Alavi Tabar, Alireza, Ph.D University Professor, Researcher&Journalist
8 Amini-Esmaeili,Hamid Researcher
9 Amoli, Naser Researcher&Journalist
10 Amozadeh-Khalili, Freidon Journalist
11 Ansari-e Rad, Hossein, Theologist Theological Seminary lecturer, Head of the Parliament's Commission of Article (of the Constitution)
12 Arabsorkhi,Feyzollah Journalist, OIRM
13 Ayazi,Mohammad Ali, Theologist Theo.-Seminary lecturer, ALRQTS
14 Baghi, Emadoddin Author & Journalist, Society for Defense of the Freedom of Press (SDFP)
15 Basteh- Negar, Mohammad Researcher, Political Activist (PA)
16 Bazargan, Abdolali, Architect Researcher& Author, Freedom Movement of Iran (FMI) Party
17 Bazargan, Abolfazl, Eng. Prime Minister's Deputy in Provisional Government of the Islamic Revolution of Iran(PGIRI),FMI
18 Derayati,Mostafa Theo.-Seminary lecturer, IIPF
19 Dorkeshan, Mahmoud PA
20 Doroodian,Mohammad-Hosein Ex- member of Tehran City Council
21 Ebrahimbay- e Salami, Gholamheydar Member of the Islamic Parliament (MP) (Majlis), IIPF
22 Etemadi,Hosein University Professor
23 Falah, Morteza University Professor
24 Farid A'lam, Hassan, Ph.D (Eng.) University Professor, FMI
25 Farzadi, Ghaffar, Ph.D (Math.) University Professor, FMI
26 Fateh, Nima M.D Researcher
27 Fazel- e Meybodi, Mohammad Taghi, Theologist Theo. Seminary lecturer, ALRQTS
28 Ghabel, Ahmad, Theologist Seminary lecturer, Researcher&Author.
29 Ghabel, Hadi, Theologist Theo. Seminary lecturer, IIPF
30 Ghaderi, Hatam University Professor
31 Ghafari, Masoud University Professor
32 Gharavi, Ali- Asghar, Ph.D Researcher&Author, FMI
33 Gholizadeh, Raahmangholi Researcher
34 Hadian, Naser University Professor
35 Hadizadeh, Hadi, Ph.D. (Nuclear Phys.) University Professor, FMI
36 Haghighat-joo, Fatemeh MP, Ex- member of Union of Moslem Students'-Association of Iranian Universities(UMSAIU)
37 Hajarian,Saeed Researcher, IIPF
38 Hakimi, Majid, Senior high school teacher, FMI
39 Heidari, Ali-Mohammad Theo.-Seminary lecturer
40 Hekmat, Ali Journalist, SDFP
41 Izadi, Mostafa, Eng. Researcher, Journalist, Ex- Deputy Governor of Tehran Province
42 Jala'i- Poor, Hamid- Reza, Ph.D (Pol.Sc.) University Professor, IIPF
43 Jalali,Mohammad Reza Researcher
44 Jalalizadeh, Jalal MP, IIPF
45 Kadivar, Jamileh (Ms.). MP, President of Journalist Women's Association (JWA)
46 Kadivar, Manocheher Researcher
47 Kadivar, Mohsen, Ph.D. University Professor, President of SDFP
48 Kamali-Ahmadsaraee, Fateme(Ms.) Journalist
49 Kaviani,Abolfazl Theo. Seminary lecturer
50 Kazemian, Morteza Journalist, PA
51 Khorram, Amir, Eng. Author&Journalist, FMI
52 KianoshRad, Mohammad MP, IIPF
53 Koolayee, Elahe (Ms.) MP, University Professor, IIPF
54 Koosha, Mohammad-Ali Theo.-Seminary lecturer
55 Lotfi, Mojtaba Theo.-Seminary lecturer
56 Mansoorian, Khosro Tehran Municipality's Social Deputy after the Revolution, FMI
57 Massmoo'i, Gholamreza, Eng. Ind. Consulting Eng., FMI
58 Mazroo'i, Rajabali MP, IIPF
59 Meysami, Lotfollah, Eng. Author&Journalist, PA
60 Mighati, Ghasem Researcher
61 Mir-Moosavi, Ali Theo.-Seminary lecturer
62 Mirzaee- Hojato'lah University Professor
63 Mohammadi-e Ardehali, Mohammad Merchant, PA
64 Mojaradi, Zahra IIPF
65 Montazeri, Sa'id, PA
66 Montazeri, Ahmad, Theologist Theo.-Seminary lecturer, PA
67 Moradi, Mohammad-Ali University Professor, EX deputy of ministry of agriculture
68 Mozaffar, Mohammad - Javad Researcher & Publisher
69 Mussavian, Abolfazl, Theologist Theo. Seminary & univ. lecturer, ALRQTS
70 Nadi, Gholamhossein, Theologist Ex- MP, ALRQTS
71 Narimani, Ali Theo.-Seminary lecturer
72 Paya, Ali Researcher & University Professor
73 Paya, Hossein Researcher & Publisher
74 Peyman Habibollah, DDS University Professor, PA
75 Piran, Parviz Researcher & University Professor
76 Ra'is- Toosi, Reza, Ph.D.(Pol.Sc.) University Professor, PA
77 Rafi'i, Hossein, Ph.D. University Professor, PA
78 Raja'i, Alireza, Ph.D. Journalist, PA
79 Razavi- Faghih, Sa'id Journalist, UMSAIU
80 Reza'i, Abdolali Researcher&lecturer, SDFP
81 Reza'i, Mohammad University Professor
82 Reza'i, Mohammad-Javad University Professor
83 Sa'idi, Meysam, Eng. MP, IIPF
84 Sa'idianfar, Jafar Theo.-Seminary lecturer
85 Sabbaghian, Hashem, Eng. Minister of Interior in PGIRI, FMI
86 Sadr- e Haj Seyyed Javadi, Ahmad, Ph.D. (law) Minister of Interior and Minister of Justice in PGIRI, FMI
87 Safaeefar, Abbas Journalist, SDFP
88 Safdari, Mostafa University Professor
89 Sahabi, Ezzatollah, Eng. Member of the Revolutionary Council, PA
90 Saharkhiz, Issa Journalist, SDFP
91 Salavati, Fazlollah, Ph.D. University Professor, Journalist
92 Salavati, Mahmoud Theo.-Seminary lecturer
93 Samimi, Keyvan Journalist,PA
94 Saremi, Mahmoud University Professor
95 Seifzadeh, Mohammad University Professor, Layer
96 Semati, Hadi, Ph.D. University Professor, IIPF
97 Shah- Hosseini, Hossein Director of Sports Organization of Iran in PGIRI, PA
98 Shamsolvaezin, Masha'allah Journalist, SDFP
99 Shari'ati, Sa'id Journalist, IIPF
100 Sinaee, Vahid University Professor
101 Soroosh, Abdolkarim Researcher, University Professor
102 Taheri, Akbar, Eng. Quranic Researcher, FMI
103 Tajzadeh, Mostafa EX-Political deputy of Ministry of Interior, IISP
104 Talebi, Bagher Theo.-Seminary lecturer
105 Taleghani, A'zam (Ms.) Secretary of Women's Society of the Islamic Revolution of Iran(WSIRI), Social activist
106 Taleghani, Taherh (Ms.) PA
107 Tavallai, Majid, Eng. Journalist, PA
108 Tavassoli, Gholamabbas, Ph.D.(soc.) University Professor, FMI
109 Tavassoli, Mohammad, Eng. First Mayor of Tehran after the Revolution, FMI
110 Tehrani, Reza Journalist, SDFP
111 Vaheb, Mahmoud Theo. Seminary lecturer
112 Vahid Dastgerdi University Professor
113 Yazdi, Ebrahim, Ph.D Foreign Minister in PGIRI, Secretary General of FMI
114 Yussefi- e Eshkevari, Hassan, Theologist Researcher& Author, PA
115 Zandinya, Parviz University Professor
116 Zohdi, Mohammad Reza Journalist, SDFP
117-Hassan Arbabi 118-Morteza Eshfagh 119-Masoud Aghaei
120-Azam Akbarzadeh 121-Ali Akrami 122-Fereshteh Bazargan
123-Mohammad-Navid Bazargan 124-Parvin Bakhtiarnejad
125-Aliakbar Badizadegan 126-Mohammad behzadi
127-Safa Bitaraf 128- Masoud Pedram 129-Abbas Pourazhari
130-Mahmoud Pishbin 131-Majid Peyman 132-Mostafa Tanha
133-Majid Jaberi 134-Abolfazl Hakimi 134-Mohammad-Reza Hamsi
135-Rasul Dadmehr 136-Mohmmad-Mehdi Daneshian 137-Habib Davaran
138-Mosayeb Davani 139-Mohammad-Javad Rajaeian
140-Taghi Rahmani 141-Bahman Rezakhani 142-Ahad Razaei
143-Jamal zerehsaz 144-Ali-Reza Sarikhani 145- Nasrin Sotudeh
146-Fereydun Sahabi 147-Ali Shaamlu 148-Mohammad Shanehchi
149- Mohammad Sharif 150-Allahverdi Shamburi 151-Hoda Sabar
152-Reza Sadr 153-Mahdi Sarraaf 154-Ali-Ashraf Zarghami
155-Fereidun Zarghami 156-Hesaam Taleghani 157-Mohammad Taheri
158-Amir Tayarani 159- Hassan Arabzadeh 160- Reza Alijani
161- Ali Alizadeh-Naeini 162-Reza Emadi 163-Mahmoud Emrani
164-Alireza Gharavi 165-Saeid Ghafarzadeh 166-Ali Ghofrani
167-Mehdi Ghani 168-Morteza Fallah 169-Khosro Ghashghaei
170-Naser Komailieian 171-Bejan Golafra 172-Fatemeh Govaraei
173-Hojatallah Gheyasi 174-Narges Mohammadi 175-Saeid Madani
176-Mashaallah Madihi 177-Mostafa Meskin 178-Ali-Akbar Moeinfar
179-Hormoz Momayezi 180-Yousof Molaei 181-Mohammad Molavi
182-Ali Momeni 183-Mahmoud Momeni 184- Amir Mirkhani
185-Vahid Mirzadeh 186-Allahkaram Mirzaei
187-Abolfazl Mirshams-Shahshahani 188-Mahmoud Naeimpoor
189-Mahmoud Nekurooh 190-Hamid Noohi 191-Majid Noohi
192- Fakhr-Sadat Noorbakhsh 193-Akbar Vali 194-Amin Hadavi
195- Naser Hashemi 196- Ali-Farid Yahyaei

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