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Reza Pahlavi is shooting himself in the foot

By Kave Pourmand

Reza Pahlavi has shown his true face (finally!) and he should be praised for that.

One thing is clear and that is the more he associates himself with neo-cons (right-wing nuts) the more he is isolated and considered a puppet by Iranians. It is funny that only one AIPAC (American Israeli Political Affairs Committee) top executive has suggested that the support of the Pahlavi by AIPAC should be "discrete".

Once Iranian people see the picture of Pahlavi with Daniel Pipes, Michael Ledeen and Rob Sobhani then comes the end of the road for Pahlavi.

I would say let Pahlavi say whatever he wants to say and do whatever he wants to do and at the end of the day he will end up like Rajavi in the eyes of Iranian people. Rajavi was not such a hated figure among Iranian people before he sided with Saddam. Reza Pahlavi is too dumb to learn from Rajavi's mistakes and that is the irony.

The problem with Pahlavi and those of AEI and others who promote him is that they believe in their own misinformation and deceptions ("bait and switch") and somehow think that Iranian people will run into Iranian cities and demand return of Pahlavi once Islamic Regime has shown a bit of vulnerability and that is a big miscalculation, much like the situation in Iraq today.

It is a drastic task to take over a country, something that the geniuses in Pentagon did not anticipate (after working on this "doctrine" for 12 years!). There is a lot of work that needs to be done to get basic needs of the Iraqi people since the overthrow of Saddam. It will take years to "stabilize" the situation in Iraq and at the end of the day there might not be enough resources (not to mention enthusiasm in US Congress, public opinion) left to start "building another nation."

I would also say let Sen. Brownbag (or is it brownbag or dirtbag) to allocate the $50 million to these bozos. What are they going to do with the money? There is already a TV station broadcasting Pahlavi's message in Iran. Zia will probably spend the $50 million to trade-in his Jaguar for a Mercedes. These imbeciles will spend the rest of the money (purchasing personal items) and that will be a great embarrassment and source of a new controversy.

I don't think Pahlavi has any support among Iranian people and I am not counting those who copy and paste articles from Jerusalem Post in this forum. True Iranian people will say no to a puppet like Pahlavi.

About the author:
Kave Pourmand lives in San Francisco Bay Area.

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