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Jafar Tofiqi proposed to parliament as new Iran's minister of science


Jafar Tofiqi Darian was proposed to the Iranian Majlis (Parliament) as the new Minister of Science, Research and Technology on Wednesday, IRNA reported from Tehran.

In a letter to the parliament, President Mohammad Khatami proposed Tofiqi, who currently serves as the deputy for educational affairs in the ministry, as the new minister of science, research and technology.

The Majlis is to vote on him during its next Sunday session. The 48-year-old Tofiqi Darian was born in Tehran and holds a Ph.d in chemical engineering from Bucharest University.

In late August, the Majlis refused to give a vote of confidence to Reza Faraji-Dana whom President Mohammad Khatami had proposed to the chamber as the new minister of science, research and technology. Faraji-Dana received only 86 votes in favor, while 127 MPs voted against him. There were also seven abstentions.

President Khatami two months ago accepted Moin's resignation after he wrote in his resignation letter that he could not continue his efforts in the current situation of the country.

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