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Over 7 million regular, irregular Internet users in Iran


President Mohammad Khatami's special envoy for IT and ICT affairs Nasrollah Jahangard said Iran has some 3.5 million regular and some 3.5 million irregular Internet users, IRNA reported from Tehran.

Speaking at the International Conference on Satellite and Internet Communications, Jahangard said the most important characteristic of current era is globalization which is not bound to geographical boundaries.

"Today exchange of information is the most important issue of exchanges among countries based on the globalization event," president's special envoy for Information Technology (IT) and information and communication technology (ICT) added. He noted that exchange of goods and investment can be controlled in geographical borders but no government can limit exchange of information.

The official said states and economic groups should wisely make use of information as a useful principle in their developing programs, adding undoubtedly negligence toward the issue would have negative effects on economic and developing plans of each country.

The International Gathering on Internet and Satellite Communications started in Tehran Wednesday morning. Representatives from the International Forum of Very Small Aperture Terminal (V.SAT) together with a number of Iranian experts and officials are taking part in the gathering.

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