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Iran to add 30 new passenger planes to navigation fleet


Minister of Road and Transportation Ahmad Khorram said in Tehran on Friday that the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to purchase 30 new passenger planes from Russia and other countries to replace the old and chartered ones, IRNA reported from.

Meanwhile, Khorram ruled out any purchase of new passenger planes from Western countries.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of his negotiations with Turkish Minister of Foreign Trade Kursad Tuzmen, he said since the Russian-made Tupolev-154 planes consume a very large amount of fuel, "we have decided to cancel the related contracts and also not to use dilapidated models such as Boeing 737, F 28 and Falcon 20." The Ministry of Road and Transportation has obtained the permit to purchase 60 new cargo and passenger planes, he said.

"We have negotiated with Russia to purchase Tupolev-204 jet planes which consume less petrol even than similar western types," he said.

The price of each Tupolev-204 is between dlrs 22 to 28 million which is half of a similar western model, he said.

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