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Call for introduction of Iran's mighty culture and civilization


The German Iranologist Ludwig Powell addressing the International Iranology Conference in Ravena, northern Italy on Tuesday, called for serious measures to be taken towards introduction of the background of Iran's civilization to the world, IRNA reported.

An Iranology professor in Hamburg University, Powell told IRNA that various dimensions of Iran's ancient civilization, which has expanded beyond its geographical borders, should be introduced to other countries.

Turning to his essay submitted to the conference titled 'Appraisal of the 1st Round of Activity of Academy of Persian Language and Literature', he said that the new terms suggested by the academy are mainly accepted on the basis of their social aspect and meaning.

"Usually the grammatical terms officially added to a language take time to be accepted by the public, while the political and military terms are accepted more easily," he added.

Powell, whose doctorate treatise was titled 'Zazi Kurdish Language', is the author of 'Introduction to Kurdish Language' and an article titled 'History of Iran's Football' written in German. His latest book 'Iran's Tourist Guide' expected to come out in Germany in winter 2004 introduces Iran's culture, its historical sites and presents a summary of the national natural attractions.

The International Iranology Conference is being attended by 80 Iranian and 160 foreign researchers from various states including Italy, the US, Germany, France, Russia, Poland, Tajikistan and Georgia.

Selected essays to be presented during the conference cover various archaeological, anthropological, historical, religious, economic and political issues related to ancient, middle, classical and contemporary eras.

The conference, which has been organized by European Iranology Association in joint cooperation with the University of Bologna and Italy's Orientology Center, will continue until Friday.

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