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US pressures Lufthansa over Iran Air's engine service - report


The United States has stepped up its pressure on Lufthansa over the German airliner's maintenance and overhaul of Iran Air plane engines, the weekly Stern magazine said Thursday, IRNA reported from Berlin.

The unnamed American engine spare parts supplier has threatened to terminate all its business activities with Lufthansa, should it continue to provide Iran Air with US-made engine spare parts.

Lufthansa has reportedly caved in to American pressure and will no longer US-made engine spare parts in Iran Air planes.

The German national carrier has been in charge of Iran Air's maintenance and overhaul for the last four decades.

Since Iran's Islamic Revolution of 1979, US embargoes have forced Iran to buy mainly Russian-built planes and older European Airbus models to supplement an existing fleet of Boeing and other American and European models.

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