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Iran President: Suitable grounds should be prepared for healthy election campaign


President Mohammad Khatami stressed in Tehran on Thursday the importance to preparing suitable ground for massive participation of people and a healthy election campaign by candidates in the 7th parliamentary election slated for February 20, 2004, IRNA reported.

Addressing the second meeting of Coordinating Council of the Second of Khordad groups, Khatami said preparing suitable atmosphere before the elections is the main factor ensuring people's massive turnout in the election.

He stressed that no foundation and organization must act without observing their legal duties, adding "We are all obliged to serve the Constitution."

Majlis Speaker Mehdi Karroubi, who also attended the meeting, said what is important in the election is massive turnout of people. He said that preparing suitable grounds would guarantee active participation of people in the election and urged all officials to act within the framework of the Constitution.

The second meeting of Coordinating Council of the Second of Khordad groups was held here Wednesday night in presence of President Mohammad Khatami and Majlis Speaker Mehdi Karroubi.

The participants exchanged views on the need to maintain unity among groups, and prepare suitable grounds and atmosphere for massive turnout of people in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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