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Conference on Caspian Sea oil pollution ends in Baku


Experts on ecology, oil, and legal affairs of the Caspian Sea littoral states held a two-day conference in Baku, ending on Friday, to devise a general policy to fight against oil-pollution f the Caspian Sea, IRNA reported.

Preparing the ground for finalizing a comprehensive ecosystem cooperation protocol to serve as the Caspian Sea Ecosystem Convention in the long run, and devising emergency policies to serve short term objectives on the purpose, were among the topmost important activities of the conference.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed among the littoral Caspian Sea states` representatives to observe immediate measures to minimize losses inflicted against the biggest world lake`s ecosystem. The protocol prepared by the littoral state`s experts will be further discussed at a conference to be held in Tehran on November 3-4.

Representative from the Caspian Sea Ecosystem Program, the UN Ecosystem Plan, and British Petroleum attended the Baku conference. Some Caspian Sea littoral states, such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Russia are currently engaged in large scale oil excavation from the Caspian Sea resorts, that has led to the appearance of huge oil pots on the sea`s surface, threatening its ecosystem gravely.

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