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4.9 Quake jolt central Iran


An earthquake, measuring 4.9 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale, shook border region between Seman and Isfahan provinces in central Iran Saturday afternoon, IRNA reported from Tehran.

The seismological base of the Geophysics Institute, affiliated to Tehran University, said the tremor occurred at 14:06 hours local time (1036 GMT).

There were no reports of casualty or damage caused by the quake.

Another mild earthquake, measuring 3.6 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale, jolted the vicinity the city of Majid Soleiman in Khuzestan province on Saturday.

Khuzestan Seismological Base, affiliated to Tehran University's Geophysics Institute, put the epicenter of the quake, which occurred at 14:56 hrs local time (11:26 hrs GMT) at 35 km from Masjed Soleiman.

There is no report on probable damage caused by the quake.

Iran is situated on some of the world's most active seismic faultlines and quakes of varying magnitude are of usual occurrence.

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