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Celebration (Let Us Celebrate Shirin Ebadi's Nobel Peace Prize)


By Roya Monajem, Tehran


Let us celebrate Shirin Ebadi's feat

Let us savor the sweetness in Shirin's name

As the first Iranian Nobel Prize winner of peace


Let us cherish humanity's longing for Freedom throughout the past

Let us cherish humanity's courage, struggle, efforts

For attainment of Freedom throughout the past


Let us celebrate humanity's love for all the oppressed throughout the history

Let us celebrate humanity's compassion toward the suppressed throughout the history

Let us celebrate humanity's struggle to stay human

Despite this seemingly never-ending rule of tyranny


Ah! I know what we can do!

Let us take this sweet, so sweet news

As the first sign of the arrival of dawn

Let us see it heralding the birth of a new humanity

Not divided, not segregated, not identified by

Color, sex, religion, nationality

And all the rest of similar absurdities


YES! Let us savor this sweet, very sweet auspicious news

YES! Let us celebrate truly after so many years

YES! Let us rejoice after so much grief and regret


Let's celebrate

Let's celebrate

Let's celebrate






Nobel peace prize for an Iranian lady lawyer

By Syma Sayyah, Tehran


The best news I heard in a hell of long time. I was simply thrilled. I was so happy, happy for me, happy for women happy for all Iranians and happy because I realized that there may be some hope in this crazy world that we live in


Ms. Shirin Ebadi is one of the most distinguished Iranians, a prominent lawyer and yes a women who has stood by her beliefs of justice for all and democratic principles. She has written many books and endless articles, given many speeches, inside  and outside Iran, taken parts in  demonstrations, supported children and women causes and issues in Iran and in the world, practiced her trade for the well being of women and children's welfare in Iran and yes she has paid a heavy price for her stands and principles of justice, fairness and democracy. She has been to prison and suffered, she has gotten hurt but never broken. The glow of her firm character, her strong belief and unshakeable inner light has kept her going, all these many years.


For the first time an Iranian, a women and a lawyer who has been involved in issues related to justice and democracy has been recognized by such a distinguished international body.  It is indeed a great day for all Iranians.  It is time to raise your heads and feel proud of being Iranians openly and publicly, anywhere in the world.


I have no doubt that Ms. Ebadi  will accept her prize on behalf of many who shared her believe and traveled her path all along through the years.


Well done Shirin!  And thank you for all that hard work that finally has been rewarded.




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