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Shirin Ebadi: Islamic tenets support human rights


The Iranian Noble Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi said in Paris on Sunday that all principles and tenets of the sublime religion of Islam serve to promote humanitarian values and human rights, IRNA reported.

Talking to IRNA here Sunday, Ebadi, the woman barrister and human rights activist, reiterated that Islam is definitely against terrorism and violence, stressing that those advocating such practices were absolutely not Muslims.

Ebadi regretted that certain western states blame the sublime religion of Islam for acts of a few Muslims, whereas there are many Christians who indulge themselves in murder and terrorist acts, but Muslims never say they do so because of their religion.

Ebadi further rejected the claims that the peace award had been granted to her for political reasons.

"I believe this is not a political matter and I am of the opinion that the world, through this award, has come to recognize the freedom-seeking campaign of Muslim women," said Ebadi. She added, "I have been selected to receive this award just as a Muslim woman," she added.

The human rights activist, here in Paris to take part in the seminar on "The Profile of Tehran in the City of Paris", said Iranian women's conditions have been "improving" over recent years.

Ebadi, however, admitted that the law prevailing in Iran regarding women's rights still needed to be revised with contradictions required to be removed.

Stressing that Islam has recognized and emphasized true values and positions of women, Ebadi said Iranian women could easily make a distinction between the false opinions and true Islamic injunctions by raising standard of their knowledge on their religion and studying the Holy Quran.

She also termed condition of women in Islamic countries as "not favorable" and said the cause of contrasts in these societies is the culture of male-dominance.

The Nobel Committee last Friday awarded the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize to Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi. She is the first ever Muslim woman to receive a Nobel prize.

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