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Iran terms EU foreign ministerial statement as "political"


Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi, speaking in Tehran on Tuesday, criticized the statement issued by foreign ministers of the European Union and termed it as "political and unacceptable". Asefi said the statement has been drawn on an unrealistic basis and has highlighted in details issues that are not related to human rights in Iran, IRNA reported.

"One should ask how the European Union has allowed itself to put the organizations and institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran under challenge through the statement," Asefi said.

"The wording of the statement is not coordinated at all with the values the European Union claims to be adhering," he added.

The spokesman noted that assigning duties for the country's legislative fundamentals and meddling with the legislative and judicial trends are examples of the issue and said, "such ambitious interventions are not acceptable."

"Unfortunately, the union highlighted various issues including human rights and nuclear fields in relations with Iran not on the basis of realism but based on some interests and political considerations, incorrect information and under the influence of the United States' clear pressures," he said.

"Undoubtedly, continuation of such trend would keep the union away from its expected role in the world community," Asefi added. He said expansion of relations between Iran and the European Union would be on the basis of mutual interests and stressed, "Iran interested in maintaining and expanding ties with the European Union which depend on the EU's commitment to the principle of mutual respect."

Pointing to bilateral talks between Iran and the EU on human rights, the spokesman said, "Both sides have agreed to continue the talks with no preconditions. The union should not determine the quality of the upcoming meeting in a unilateral way and set conditions for the talks."

"We welcome the stance adopted by the ministerial council on continuation of talks and hope to reach satisfactory outcomes through the two sides' intelligence and prevention from politicizing of talks," Asefi further noted.

"Iran has always invited European countries to have serious participation in the country's nuclear plans in order to prove their transparency and truth and we are still waiting for their response," the official stated.

Asefi said Iran expects the European Union to understand concerns and Iran's legitimate rights in nuclear issues and took measures to remove current obstacles in the way of the country's joining the Additional Protocol by implementation of Iran's rights in the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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