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Iranian Federated Women's Club Congratulates Shirin Ebadi


Dear Ms. Shirin Ebadi, On behalf of the Iranian Federated Women's Club (IFWC), the children of Payvand Cultural and Arts School, as well as many other local Iranian organizations in California, we send our best wishes and acknowledgements for the life-changing accomplishments and footprints you have left in the history of Iran and Humanity in general.

Ms. Ebadi, you have served as a voice for all those voices who have been abandoned and drowned out by society, and you have made an incredible difference in the lives which you serve, as well as in the lives who are inspired by your courageous perseverance, integrity, and dedication to improving Human Rights in Iran.

At our cultural and arts school in California, we learn each week about Iranian men and women who are outstanding in their accomplishments, service and contributions to our community, so that we may have role models to learn from and be inspired by.

We are so fortunate and appreciative of your global presence and Iranian heroism, as the first Iranian Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. We are very proud and moved by your profound gifts of raising the bar of the Human Rights Movement, as we believe your accomplishments are shifting the Iranian consciousness to play a bigger and more sincere role in making a difference for Humanity. We are looking forward to building creative and positive ways to be a part of this roadmap you have successfully established.

Together, we congratulate you and wish you blessings of peace, protection and support.


Iranian Federated Women's Club
The Children of Payvand Cultural School
October 15, 2003


Payvand ( and IFWC are non-profit organizations that serve and empower Iranian Americans to become educated, self-reliant and confident citizens within their Persian and American heritage and upbringing.

Payvand cultural and arts school provides students with myriad opportunities to learn English and Persian, traditional and contemporary dance, music, and art, as well as several other activities that positively integrate Iranian heritage and American culture.

Payvand and IFWC are local, non-profit, non-political and non-religious organizations whose sole mission is to integrate and empower the Iranian community, arts and culture in the Bay Area, by providing educational services, scholarship opportunities and various cultural activities for the community.

For more information visit:
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Phone: (408)381-4268.

Iranian Federated Women's Club Members

Maryam Odabaee, Fariba Nejat, Babi Hogue, Ron Hogue, Pari Yazdanfar, Afsar Taslimi, Fay Ehsan, Sima Rafati, Moloud Nourbakhsh, Mahin Karimtash, Farzaneh Tabatabaie, Farangis Ostowari, Homa Farahvashi, Nirvana Anoosheh, Pouri Fadavi, Azadeh Hariri, Farideh Mohhamadi, Former State Assembly member Elaine Alquist, Helga Taylor, Sepi Sadeghi, Fariba Zahra Ardehali, Mali Shaffie, Iman Milaninia, Fakhri Danesh, Khoji Darbani, Klaudeen Shemirani

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