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Iran, Russia to sign accord on return of spent nuclear fuel


Iran's permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali Akbar Salehi herein Tehran on Tuesday said that Tehran and Moscow will soon sign an agreement on return of the spent nuclear fuel to Russia, IRNA reported.

Speaking to reporters, he added that in accordance with the agreement due to be signed between the two states, the Russians will soon deliver the required nuclear fuel to Iran.

He told IRNA that Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant not only continues its operation, but the trend will accelerate.

In response to IRNA's question whether the visit of the three EU foreign ministers took place in coordination with the US, he said that he believed that such coordination had been made.

In reply to another question on the extent of the closeness of the outlooks of Germany, Britain and France to that of Iran, Salehi said, "The outlooks of the three European states are equally analogous to ours."

Turning to the duration of the suspension of uranium enrichment by Iran, he said that it has to be determined by Iran.

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