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British envoy admits good living condition of Iran's minorities


A British delegation that is visiting Iran, on Tuesday voiced satisfaction over the conditions of religious minorities in Iran after receiving first hand account on the lives of the minorities in Iran, IRNA reported.

Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of British House of Commons Donald Anderson said in Tehran on Tuesday that his delegation, after talks with Iranian MPs representing religious minorities, had changed its attitude towards conditions of religious minorities in Iran.

Representative of Armenians from the northern part of Iran Levon Davidian, the MP representing the Jewish community Mauris Motamed, representative of the Assyrians Bot Kelia and the MP representing Zoroastrians Khosrow Dabestani briefed the British delegation on the living conditions of religious minorities in Iran.

Davidian said the minorities' representatives are not discriminated against in the Majlis and share common rights with their colleagues representing Muslim population at the parliament.

Motamed said Jews have special religious venues in major Iranian cities and are completely free to perform their rituals.

Kelia said Assyrians have been living in peaceful co-existence with Iranian Muslims since the advent of Islam and their freedom in performing religious rituals in Iran is incomparable with their fellow believers in other countries.

Dabestani also said Zoroastrians lead a peaceful life in Iran and are completely free, being supported by the Iranian government and Majlis.

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