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Iran's report on Al-Qaeda, Taliban released in UN


A report on Al-Qaeda and Taliban prepared and submitted by Iran to the United Nations Security Council was released as an official document at the United Nations in New York on Wednesday, IRNA reported.

The report included names of 78 members linked to the Al-Qaeda terrorist network who had been arrested in Iran and then extradited to their countries of origin.

Iran's representation at the United Nations said it had presented a list to the world body that includes 147 names of other members of the terrorist network as well as several suspects for whom legal proceedings are under way.

Iran's report said more than 2,300 persons who had entered the Iranian territory illegally between October 2002 and April 2003 had been handed over to the Pakistani border guards. It said the names of these persons have also been given to the UN committee.

During the US/British-led war on Iraq, Iranian officers prevented the entry to Iran of 400 people linked to Al-Qaeda.

Iran has categorically said non of those arrested in its territory was of Iranian nationality.

The report said Iran has not allowed any activities by Al-Qaeda or Taliban on its soil and warned repeatedly the international community on the extremist attitudes of the group once ruling Afghanistan.

It added that Iran's opposition to the Taliban group was in a period when some states in the world were seriously following efforts in the United Nations and other international organizations to win recognition for Taliban government in Afghanistan. Iran has never had diplomatic links with Taliban, it said.

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