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Iran rejects interference in recent disturbances in Baku


The Iranian Embassy in Baku in a statement issued on Thursday refuted the charges brought up against Iran by the representatives of Azerbaijan National Assembly and Azeri press as illusive, IRNA reported.

Following the recent disturbances in Baku, a number of party officials, representatives of Azerbaijan National Assembly (Milli Majlis) and mass media, in a subversive movement, accused Iran of interference in the event and charged some of the opposition party leaders with spying for Iran.

The statement added that, as the police and security forces as well as other Azeri officials are aware, such groups are financed by the countries which are constantly visited by the group leaders and whose representatives and envoys even stay there.

Turning to the attempt of the global arrogant to disrupt mutual ties between the two states, the statement reiterated that the experts can identify the agents responsible for the recent riots in Baku, provided Azerbaijan stops ignoring the enemy and bringing baseless charges against Iran despite its friendly approach.

"A number of the mentioned Azeri officials and their affiliated agents have been gathering in front of Iran's Embassy in Baku on various pretexts to voice their opposition to Iran."

"Even the media affiliated to such groups constantly insult the senior Iranian authorities. A look at the archive of such media will reveal that they have not spared any effort to disrupt relations between Iran and Azerbaijan," added the statement.

The statement further said that Iran has not supported any of the candidates. It added that once the presidential elections were over, Iran was the first state to congratulate the victory of Ilham Aliyev.

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