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Blair praises success of EU mission to Iran


Prime Minister Tony Blair on Thursday praised the success of this week's unprecedented mission to Tehran by the British, French and German Foreign Ministers to address concerns about Iran's nuclear program, IRNA reported from London.

"I think that the foreign ministers did an excellent job and there is now an agreement by Iran that they will comply fully with the atomic energy authorities," he said at his monthly press conference. "The important thing is not to say that but do it. People will expect it to be fulfilled," Blair said in his first public reaction to the agreement reached in Tehran by Jack Straw, Dominique de Villepin and Joschka Fischer.

The mission was seen as the first EU test to turn the tide against US unilateralism in its military domination of the world following the bitter disputes over the war against Iraq, in which Britain sided with the US against France and Germany.

IAEA head Mohammad El-Baradei described a settlement with Iran as a "win-win situation" and said it could lead to "new chapter in the relationship between Iran and the West, particularly Europe." But like Iraq, doubts have emerged about Britain's determination to stick with the EU diplomatic track and not to side with any US posturing.

Speaking earlier Thursday on BBC radio, Straw appeared to play down the agreement with Iran, saying it was "successful as far as it went" and that while words are important, the "test of the words is in action."

German Parliament voices satisfaction over EU-Iran nuclear deal

German parliamentary deputies across the political spectrum expressed satisfaction with the recently signed nuclear agreement between Iran and the European Union, IRNA reported from Berlin.

"This negotiation style (in Iran) could serve as model for solving the other nuclear dispute in North Korea," said MP of the governing Social Democratic Party, Uta Zapf, during her speech in the German Parliament.

She added that the agreement was a "great success of a wise dialogue-and negotiation diplomacy".

Meanwhile a deputy of the opposition Christian Democrats, Ruprecht Polenz, urged "comprehensive disarmament talks" for the Middle East region following the latest European-Iranian nuclear accord.

Another MP of the liberal Free Democrats (FDP), Harald Leibrecht, said Europe's Iran initiative was an example of how a unified European foreign policy could look like.

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