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Iran's Travel and Tourism Organization calls for strengthening of 'tourist police force'


Advisor to Head of Iran's Travel and Tourism Organization (ITTO) Gholam-Hossein Khosrowabadi said in Tehran on Sunday that to ensure security for visiting tourists a 'tourist police force' is indispensable, IRNA reported.

He told IRNA that a 'tourist police force' is active in Isfahan and Fars provinces, but need to be strengthened.

The official reiterated the need to safeguard the security of tourists in other provinces by appointing 'tourist police force'. Khosrowabadi, who is also the director general of Tehran province Travel and Tourism Department, underlined that at present in a great number of countries special patrols known as 'tourist police force' consisting of a tourist guide and a police expert fluent in a foreign language with special uniform and badges ensure the security of the tourists.

Turning to the robbing of two Spanish citizens in Tehran, he said, "ITTO and the police are conducting joint operations to identify those involved in the robbery and return the funds to their owners."

Two Spanish technicians who were in Iran to inspect Kerman Coal Company in early fall were robbed while spending their leave in Tehran.

Khosrowabadi noted, "Given that 'tourist police force' has been appointed in developed states to reduce crimes against visiting tourists and speed up investigating the robberies, we can use their experience to the effect."

According to him, the police can appoint ordinary or secret patrols to be on guard and stop such incidents.

Referring to the high significance of the security of tourists in Iran, he noted that the issue was brought up and discussed seriously at the Supreme National Security Council in 1998.

"According to the council's decision, ministries of foreign affairs and information as well as ITTO should examine ways of treating the visiting tourists and providing their security. "The most important topic discussed in the meetings attended by the three sides concerned briefing all national and foreign tourists on the current laws and regulations," he added.

The official added that brochures on the national laws and regulations can be published by the police and handed over to the tourists arriving at various entry checkpoints to reduce the likelihood of any such problems.

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