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Iran participates in 44 infrastructural projects in Herat, Afghanistan


Iran is currently involved in 44 major infrastructural projects in Herat province, southwestern Afghanistan, IRNA reported from Kabul.

Iran's Consulate-General in Herat Hassan Qomi told IRNA that the projects belong to various fields including road-construction, education and training, agriculture and cattle breeding, power generation and transmission and border checkpoints.

He added that health, treatment and preliminary studies on railway construction are also among the projects in the country, in which Iran is currently involved.

Turning to the project on Herat-Dougharoun 123-km road, 55 percent of which is already completed, he said that around 60 percent of the Iranian goods will be transited to Afghanistan via this route. "Development of main infrastructures, public welfare and strengthening security are among the focal points in the reconstruction of Iran's neighboring country.

"The feasibility study and design of Tanghan-Herat railway project which has been underway in Afghanistan is expected to be finalized within the current Iranian year (ending March 19)," he added.

It will connect Afghanistan's railway network to that of Iran and eventually Europe. The project will have a decisive role in Afghanistan's economic development, given rich regional mines. "The project related to power generation in Herat which was commissioned in the current year meets part of the demand of the city," he added.

Putting the damage inflicted on provincial infrastructural installations under Taliban rule at 90 percent, he noted that the power generation project for transfer of industrial power from Torbat-e Jam to Herat is expected to be implemented by late spring of 2004.

"Iran's Agriculture Jihad is also engaged in 10 anti-drug campaign and rural development projects in Herat, including those on pest and locust control," he added.

He noted that restoration of mosques and schools, supply and installation of radio and television broadcasting equipment are also among the projects Iran has undertaken to carry out according to mutually-signed agreements.

Turning to reconstruction of Afghanistan as an international commitment, Qomi said that attempts should be made to prevent the country from becoming a hub of global and regional threats and insecurity.

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