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Kamran Behrouz: The Iranian Bosch?


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran


When I saw the works of Kamran Behrouz, I immediately thought of a bright, cool Iranian, a descendent of Dali school.  I was rather impressed with the works of this young artist that were on display for the first time at Elahe Gallery earlier this month.


I found his works interesting, extremely impressionable and something else.  I sensed that there is a strong sense of cynicism and that this young artist is rather skeptical about everything that goes on around him. May be he even makes fun of everyone and everything through his work with dare and contemplation; and even if it is rather optimistically naive and innocent, it's nevertheless strong and powerful.


At first I had thought that may be he is angry or in pain. But as I talked to him, I realized what it was that I saw in his work.  We spoke for a short while; he told me that he has been painting for 8 years and has started university this year, doing Pattern Design at Yazd Open University.


I asked him why he had used so much blue color in his works presented at this exhibition. He  told me that he thinks blue represent clarity, and he finds that it brings him peace and makes him feel good and at ease with himself.  He was such a jolly easy going guy that when I went there to see the exhibition, among all the other people who were in the gallery I would not have easily guessed that he was the artist.  Kamran told me that Matisse and Bosch [1] are among his favorite artists, when I went back home and had a look through my books, I realized why he liked Bosch so much, obviously he has been greatly influence with the works of  this artist  rather than Dali. Mr. Behrouz is for sure a member of Bosch school of painting. Overall I found his work rather refreshing despite the unusual figures and theme. When I asked him when we can expect his next exhibition he replied maybe in 1-2 years.  I shall look forward to following his artistic progress as I find he has talent and great potential. I have some pictures for you to make your own decision.





1. Hieronymus Bosch

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