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Iranian MP says his resignation outcries violation of public rights


Tehran, April 18, IRNA -- Former lawmaker Behzad Nabavi said here on Sunday that his resignation decried 'violation of public rights' in Iran.

Nabavi told Majlis that despite considering public representation at the parliament as a pride throughout his life and shrugging off the responsibility as a disrespect to the freedom loving and knowledgeable Iranians, he had had to do so to cry out violation of public rights.

Nabavi said that Constitution continues to be the national convention and the only vehicle for promotion of democratic reforms and, "We will continue to strongly oppose all its violators and all the measures going other way around."

Majlis approved the Nabavi's resignation with 154 votes in favor and 22 votes against.

In a 30-minute speech to the parliament, Nabavi defended his 26-year record in the post-Islamic Revolution era, scoffing at the Guardian Council for its wholesale disqualification of candidates for the Seventh Majlis elections.

Nabavi said the Constitution or legal structure of the system are not the problem the country is facing today, rather the real structure of power is the historical problem.

He said self-renditions of the Constitution by certain autocrats to impede the path of reforms dealt the deadliest blow to public faith in the Constitution.

He added that under the Constitution all Iranian officials and institutions are accountable to the nation and their representatives.

Nabavi said the under the Constitution such social institutions as the Judiciary, the Guardian Council, and Armed Forces should remain neutral and their intervention in political discords under the pretext of defending the revolution and the system is a blatant violation of the Constitution.

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