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Iran: Tehran's Public Court issues $600 million verdict against US to pay to Sardasht residents

4/28/04 Tehran, April 28, IRNA -- Tehran Public Court has passed a verdict ordering the US government to pay dlrs 600 million compensation for Iranian nationals from the northwestern town of Sardasht who were the victims of Iraqi chemical attack.

The verdict was issued as per a legal action made by a number of victims in Sardasht against the US government.

Iraq carried out its first chemical attack against residents of the northwestern town of Sardasht in 1987 killing and wounding men, women and children living in the town.

Meanwhile, the same court (the third branch of Tehran Public Court) has issued two other verdicts demanding compensation from the US government as per indictments lodged by victims of anti-Iran policy of the United States.

The verdicts have been forwarded to the Swiss Embassy in Tehran which looks after the US Interest Section.

The three verdicts required the US government to pay dlrs 1.8 billion compensation to Iranian nationals.

Washington encouraged Saddam Hussein of Iraq to initiate an unconventional war on Iran several months after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in February 1979.

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