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Powell Asks Japan to Withdraw Business from Iran

8/15/04 Source: Radio Farda Newsroom

In a press conference in Tokyo, US Secretary of State urged the Japanese government and Japanese businesses to reconsider investing in Iran's energy sector. "It is clear that Iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon," he said.

August 13, 2004 - "It is clear that Iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon, and I would hope that the Japanese government and Japanese businesses would take this into account as they make judgments as to whether this is the place that one should be making investments and or doing energy business with," US Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Friday in Tokyo.

Powell's comments were made in response to a reporter who asked "Do you want countries, including Japan, to withdraw business from Iran because it has a nuclear missile program."

"We hope that as Japan examines its relations with Iran, it would take into account the fact that Iran is not behaving in a responsible manner," he said, adding that the Islamic government did not comply with an agreement it made with governments of Britain, France and Germany last October to suspend uranium enrichment activity. "It seems clear to us that Iran is essentially saying to the international community 'No matter what you think, we're going to go ahead and build centrifuges and preserve the option to going further."

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