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Alexander the Fake

By Bahman Aghai Diba

Several years ago an Iranian filmmaker had produced a TV serial about a certain period of the Iranian history. His version of the history was full of mistakes and he had moved in and out of the story some of the historical events arbitrarily and without any historical documentation or authentication. When he was confronted with the question that why he had " distorted" the history and misled the people about the historical facts and added or replaced the historical events, he said: "I was making a film. I did not write history."

This week when I saw the film Alexander, by Warner Brothers, I was amazed to see the same things happening. Although the film has been considered as a low level, unimportant film by many well-known film critics (including the film critics of the Washington Post and Newsweek), and although it was really low level because of incorrectly showing of the costumes and designs of the concerned period both in Macedonia and Iran, there were numerous points fabricated by the Film.

Some of them were:

1- Unlike the narration of the film, Alexander set fire and destroyed the Royal Palace of the Iranian kings. The Ruins of Persepolis or Takhte Jamshid, near Shiraz in Iran are the clear sign of the Alexander's "barbarity" in Iran and all of his military campaign.

2- It was the Iranian King, Cyrus the Great (as recorded in the Old and New Testaments) that gave freedom to the territories that he conquered and set the Jews free from Babylon. He helped the Jews to build their temple. Alexander and his remnants in Persia (the Suluki Dynasty) did everything to eradicate the culture of Iran and they failed. The Iranian dynasties after the invasion of Alexander, the Ashkanian and Sasanids, in fact spent sometime to erase all of the imposed Greek cultural things in Iran. Today, there is hardly anything left of the Alexander's invasion and the Suluki dynasty in Iran except than the ruins of Persepolis that was set to fire by Alexander. The sign of Alexander's army was " Owl" and Iranians consider Owl as the harbinger of destruction and a sign of bad omen.

3- Alexander never set foot to India. He and almost all of his soldiers died in the passages of Afghanistan due to the hardships, and natural diseases. Unlike the story of the film, he never retuned to the center of Iran. He was killed and disappeared under unknown circumstances. Even the Greek Historians who were the experts in mis-recording the historical events (this point is attested by the narrator of the film) never mentioned that where he was killed and buried. I am sure if he died in Iran under the circumstances that the film claims, his whereabouts was clear.

4- "Barbarian" was an expression made by the Romans to call the people who were not subject to the Roman law. Therefore, Iranians, and the Greek were both called Barbarians by the Romans. The expression has nothing to do with the Macedonians or the Greeks for calling the Iranians barbarians. In fact the film truly shows that the invading barbaric Macedonians faced a civilized nation out of the scope that they could dream. Just like the Arab invaders in a later juncture. The Macedonian and Greek "barbarians" approach to the Persia was like the behavior of peasants of the Middle Ages entering New York.

5- Alexander was homosexual and he never married an Iranian dancing girl in the north of Iran. Although the Greeks have protested to the Warner Brothers for portraying Alexander as "bisexual", it seems that the Warner brothers has done a favor to him. Alexander had no wife and no children. By the way, he was from Macedonia, and he and his father had invaded Greece (Athens and Sparta).

6- Alexander and the Iranian army fought several times. The Iranian king did not consider him as serious threat and he did not participate in any war against him personally. He fled the royal palace, after an Iranian General committed treason and showed a strategic way to the Iranian capital to Alexander.

I hope the Iranian experts in history explain these points in a better way.

... Payvand News - 12/5/04 ... --

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