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The Country launches powerful satellite into the orbit of The Planet, The News Agency reported

By Ali Moayedian


December 22, 2004, The Town, The News Agency - The Country's government spokesperson announced yesterday the successful launch of a powerful spy satellite into the orbit of The Planet, The News Agency reported from The Town. This new development has raised concerns among the neighboring countries in the region and The Continent.



Are you as puzzled as I am? What the hell has happened? Are we in any immediate danger from The Country? How do we stop them? With a pre-emptive strike perhaps? Who the hell do we strike? What's this garbage piece of useless news? And who is the imbecile reporting it?!


Well, the above hasn't been exactly reported, yet! But you may soon find it on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)'s web site, after it's been renamed to The News Agency of course! This is an innovative style of reporting which is not being thought in journalism schools yet! While other news agencies also follow this style from time to time, BBC is considered one of the pioneers here. This style requires brave journalists who will throw the traditional journalism guidelines out the door and redefine facts and figures as needed to please their bosses and the rulers of near and far! A simple rule for following this style is to use generic names for places, persons and objects when the historical names don't sit well with the strong, rich and/or crazy rulers! For example one should refer to BBC as The News Agency, London as The Town, England as The Country, Asia as The Continent, Earth as The Planet, and so on!! This style, while considered very advanced, is actually very simple to follow. It takes no brains at all J


For many years now BBC has been referring to Persian Gulf as The Gulf. The obvious reason is not to piss the rulers of Arab countries bordering Persian Gulf. The rulers of these countries, which are for the most part creation of the British (surprise!), are looking for non-existent glory by distorting historical facts and in particular by trying to give Persian Gulf an Arabian identity! And they are being aided in this by those reporters who suck up to these oil-rich kingdoms and shamelessly refer to Persian Gulf as either Arabian Gulf or The Gulf.



It's clear that BBC has implemented an editorial directive here by requiring all its reporters to refer to Persian Gulf as The Gulf. And it seems the BBC reporters, whom understandably have many mouths to feed, have been forced to go along with this practice! This kind of reminds me of my own story. For years I've been forced to call my ex girl-friend The Woman in order to keep my "boss" happy! Is The Woman happy about this? Perhaps not! But at least I continue to have a head over my shoulder and a roof over my head J


Now after many years of distortion of Persian Gulf's historical name by BBC and others, the lies are sinking in. And even a reputable society, National Geographic, recently bowed to these lies by referring to Persian Gulf as Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf) in their latest Atlas! In response to protests, National Geographic has been arguing that they recognize Persian Gulf as the primary name, but believe that Arabian Gulf has also become a commonly recognized name. One has to agree. If a lie is repeated enough number of times, it becomes the truth! And all honest people and organizations have no choice but to stick with the truth! Let's see. If I start calling myself a royalty, and get a few buddies to go along with me, how long will it take before others will start calling me Your Highness, inside parenthesis of course J


But while this misstep by National Geographic can truly not be forgiven, there should be a bigger focus on BBC and other news agencies who have for many years distorted the facts and prepared the grounds for National Geographic's Atlas debut. It's in particular very interesting to read the report of the National Geographic's fiasco on BBC's site: Iran fights to keep Gulf Persian. The BBC piece highlights the uproar that National Geographic has caused. But at the same time, it "separates" itself from this scandal by continuing to refer to Persian Gulf as The Gulf! Very clever, or very dumb, depending on your perspective J


As a final word, let me emphasize this is not about nationalism. Persian Gulf might have just as well been called Arabian Gulf. And that would have been a beautiful name too. But it isn't called that, and we must all live with this. Similarly, The Arabian Sea could have been called Persian Sea or a similar name. But it isn't. And it will be stupid to try to rename either Persian Gulf or Arabian Sea. Both of these bodies of water have their associated histories which cannot be erased by attempts to steal their identities. Distortion of historical names will not bring glory, and it does not serve the people of the region. It will only create hostilities and separations. Persian Gulf belongs to the people of the region, both Iranians and Arabs, and it offers its richness and vast resources to all the people in the region and for that matter the world. Let's cherish it together, and not allow outsiders to muddy its waters!



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